Salesforce Consultants

John McKenzie 

As a seasoned business, technology, and sales leader, John enjoys helping clients leverage cloud and mobile technologies to gain a competitive advantage. Before launching Prolocity in 2010, John served as the head of sales and marketing for a large, Cincinnati-based technology services firm. Under his sales leadership the company experienced outstanding revenue and profitability growth, with peak single year revenues exceeding $926m. Today, John is laser focused on helping Prolocity’s clients achieve improved results. John loves building smart, hard-working teams that know how to have fun with the process of solving complex problems for clients. When John is not busy at work, he enjoys spending time with family, playing guitar, creating ceramic art, and cycling.


Matt Farano 

Matt’s leadership skills and passion for business make him the ideal person to lead Prolocity’s business development team. Matt possesses great work ethic, good organizational skills, and a strong attention to detail. When Matt is not heads down at work, he is typically swinging a golf club, working out at the gym, playing guitar, or spending time with family. Oh, and Matt has questionable obsessions with Apple products and Chipotle.


Jill Kohrs

Jill is a Strategic Account Manager and Operational Lead with a passion for problem solving, strategic planning, and delighting customers with top notch service. She has gained experience by working within her own small business, as a consultant, and through managing large corporate projects. Jill graduated from Northern Kentucky University with a B.S. in Psychology with a focus on Consumer Behaviors and Industrial/Organizational Psychology. When she isn’t solving and managing the world’s problems, she enjoys spending time with her family, traveling/backpacking, and cooking. Jill is hoping to backpack through parts of Vietnam, Iceland, and Croatia within the next 5-7 years!

Jill (1)

Dillon Mentzer 

As a Business Analyst, Dillon brings a passion for helping clients achieve outstanding results. His strong work ethic, commitment, and attention to detail make him a valuable contributor on every project he works on. Dillon’s problem-solving skills give him the natural ability to deliver exceptional customer service. When he is not hard at work on projects, Dillon enjoys cooking, spending time with his family, exercising, and exploring the great outdoors.


Santosh Chakrapani 

Santosh is a Senior Salesforce Technical Architect with 13 Certifications in Salesforce. He is also a Certified Java Programmer and Web Component Developer. With 18+ years of hardcore IT design, development and integration, Santosh brings tremendous value to any project he works on. His experience in Java, Oracle, Amazon Cloud, and technologies elevate him as highly-desired resource in the technology field. Santosh is passionate about achieving customer success by consistently delivering cost-effective, innovative solutions with 100% transparency and integrity. In his free time, Santosh can be found preparing for certifications or taking certification exams (no really!!) His real passion, apart from technology, is cooking Italian. His cooking is so good that Prolocity wishes it could be served during client project kick-off meetings.


George Riechmann 

George’s analytical mind and true passion for Salesforce makes him well suited for diving into any project. As a Certified Advanced Administrator and Sales Cloud Consultant, George is keenly focused on the customer and end user experience. His ultimate goal is to be a Certified Mobile Solutions Architecture Designer. When George isn’t finding a simpler way of doing things, he’s usually playing chauffeur to two boys or enjoying the outdoors.


Jeremy Donelan 

Jeremy is a great listener who is passionate about collaborating with clients as a thought partner. He strives to fully understand client needs and to design cost-effective solutions that delivers a big ROI for organizations. Building on his background in nonprofit leadership, Salesforce administration and business operations, Jeremy works with clients to increase their growth and impact. He holds a BA in Philosophy and MBA from Northern Kentucky University, and is passionate about the range of strategic possibilities that can come from leveraging technology solutions. Outside of work, Jeremy enjoys yoga, live music, and exploring the city with his wife and daughter.


Brian Meimann 

Brian is a dedicated sales professional with over ten years of customer service and leadership experience. He has a passion for building relationships and is driven by helping clients achieve their goals.  Brian brings a strong entrepreneurial spirit and a devotion to helping achieve greatness to Prolocity. After work, you can catch him watching the Cincinnati Reds, the Cincinnati Bengals, or the University of Kentucky basketball team with his family and friends.

Brian Meimann

Sharon Davis 

Sharon’s 25+ years of accounting and HR experience makes her the ideal person to oversee Business Management at Prolocity. She is a team player who is passionate about helping other achieve their full potential. When she is not excelling at her wide range of responsibilities at Prolocity, Sharon loves being with her family, friends, and pets. She hopes to travel more and get back to ballroom dancing with her husband in the near future.

Chris McMahon

Chris is a detail oriented developer with over 15 years of delivering successful client engagements. He has gained extensive experience with a variety of development platforms and advanced technologies throughout his career. Chris’s passion lies in finding the most elegant solution to any problem. If Chris isn’t glued to his laptop, he is most likely out hiking with his dogs, trying out a new recipe, or binge-watching some new series on Netflix.