The Salesforce Customer Success Platform…

transforming businesses the way mobile technology revolutionized professional productivity

Once upon a time, state of the art technology was reserved for big corporations with deep pockets. Today, businesses have access to enterprise-class solutions, like the Salesforce Customer Success Platform, at an affordable cost. The game has changed. Complicated technology is outdated technology. Years ago, implementing new technology meant your business had to bend. A lot. Today, the Salesforce Customer Success Platform does the bending and allows you to focus on growing your business.

Prolocity is a national Salesforce partner headquartered in the Cincinnati, Ohio area. We help businesses and non-profits fully leverage the Salesforce Customer Success Platform to turbocharge their sales, marketing, and development efforts, while improving communications and operational efficiencies. The benefits include sales process efficiencies, increased lead generation, enhanced lead & opportunity conversion rates, and improved management insights.

Prolocity’s solutions provide a highly integrated approach to automating Sales and Marketing, Service Delivery, Project Management, HR, Finance & Accounting, Productivity, and Mobile. All of our solutions empower our clients to work from anywhere, at anytime, on any device.

Our cloud experts deliver strategy, implementation, training, user adoption, performance optimization, and support services.

Does your company spend exhaustive hours managing Excel spreadsheets, attempting to make meaningful use of your company’s information? Prolocity can make your data work for you and empower you to make fast, informed decisions. To understand how Prolocity can help you speed up decision-making and put velocity in your business, contact us here.