Are you lacking these 3 key Salesforce features?

As cloud computing consultants, Prolocity is always looking for ways to enhance customer experience. This week, Prolocity is focusing to focus on 3 key Salesforce features your business should be using. The abilities of Salesforce are notably impressive, but if you aren’t using these 3 key Salesforce features, you could be missing out on useful capabilities of the platform.


Key 1:  Web-to-Lead

The first key Salesforce feature you should be using is Web-to-Lead. Web-to-lead allows a lead to be created from a form submitted through a company web page. Imagine the following scenario:  A visitor submits an inquiry through the Contact Us page that generates an email to your company. Whomever received the email uploads the lead into Salesforce. While this isn’t a bad process, it certainly isn’t scalable. Web-to-lead introduces a better way. By using web-to-lead, extra functionality is added that can automatically create a lead in Salesforce once a form is submitted. Additionally, web-to-lead can also redirect the visitor to another web page with a “Thank you” or “Next Steps” message. This functionality not only improves process flow, but can improve the customer experience.

Key 2:  Email Integration

The second key Salesforce feature you should be using is Email Integration. Email integration can be synced to Salesforce from Gmail or Microsoft Outlook. Synchronization between Salesforce and email removes the need to flip-flop between two screens and saves time. Time spent looking up, copying, and pasting the contact is eliminated by sending emails straight from Salesforce. Another bonus with this key Salesforce feature is that branded email templates can be built and used from Salesforce.

Key 3:  File Sync and Share

The third key Salesforce feature you should be using is File Sync and Share. File sync and share allows users to share and collaborate on files in real time on any device. Users can be notified when a new version is uploaded, maintain sharing settings, and use drag-and-drop technology with this key Salesforce feature. Not only does this improve efficiency, it can also improve the time it takes to find files. File sync and share puts all files in one location and uses filters to drill down and find the file you are looking for.

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