3 New Features Available When You Switch to Salesforce Lightning

The new user interface, Salesforce Lightning delivers a modern approach and increases outlook capabilities. There are three new features that provide a quick overview on the Salesforce homescreen:  quarterly performance, account insights, and assistant. These new features put the most important information front and center without you having to do anything except login.

Quarterly Performance

The first feature generating excitement for the customer success platform is quarterly performance. Quarterly performance provides a snapshot of the company’s activity for users right on their homescreen. The enhancement integrates data straight from Salesforce and is customizable to display sales goals by teams or individuals. Quarterly performance removes the need to pull a report or even click on a dashboard to see how everyone is performing, the information is now at your fingertips as soon as you login.

Account Insights

Another feature that is catching quite a bit of attention is account insights. Account insights links relevant articles about your top accounts on the homescreen. The insight feature tracks information about your top accounts in Salesforce by identifying the biggest open opportunities. Account insights then searches the internet for articles pertaining the the account. Not only does this allow for increased knowledge about the companies you are working with, but it also fosters a deeper customer relationship. With up-to-date news articles displaying right after login, you will never be the last to know about important changes in your customers businesses.


The other feature rolled out in the modern user interface is Assistant. Assistant explores new possibilities with managing Salesforce tasks. Assistant improves tasks by bringing the most important open actions right on the home screen. Any item needing attention or nurturing is brought to the assistant section such as:  open tasks, new leads, or opportunities with no action. The assistant is readily organized with tasks displayed in order of importance:  tasks that are overdue, tasks due today, leads assigned to you today, opportunities with overdue tasks, opportunities with no activity in 30 days, opportunities with no open activity. Now you never have to miss a deadline again.


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