5 Slack Hacks to Boost Nonprofit Operations

Improved Productivity and Employee Experience

Since Slack has a native app for every major desktop/laptop operating system, tablet, and mobile device, people can collaborate on their chosen device.  Slack’s widespread availability allows people to engage in a convenient way, with the conversation and collaboration continuing across devices.

Slack organizes your teams and conversations into spaces called Channels.  Each channel has a unique name to indicate its purpose.  Channels are public by default to promote discoverability and transparency.  Public channels are searchable, so you always have a record of the conversations that led up to a particular decision.  Channels can also be made private, and only the invited members can join, meaning private conversations stay private.

Slack Workflows provide a 28% increase in time saved due to automation, with 80% of the automation work done by non-technical employees.

Slack Workflows make your employees’ lives easier by automating routine tasks.  These automations can be triggered on a schedule, by Slack user behavior, or manually by starting the workflow from a link in a Slack channel.

Slack Workflows can:

  • Collect information via forms
  • Send an alert to a user or channel
  • Send a reminder to a user or channel
  • Send a welcome message when a user joins a channel
  • Interface with other systems through Workflow Connectors, such as:

Slack’s rapidly evolving feature set can replace many legacy collaboration and planning tools.

Adopting Slack has allowed organizations to save $89,400 over three years by replacing other collaboration and planning tools.  

The 'Canvas' feature in Slack is a powerful tool that brings the convenience of document formatting from Google Docs into your Slack workspace. It allows you to create robust documents within your channels and DMs, which can be shared to multiple channels and messages, pinned to a channel, and have their own permissions to control who can view and edit your canvas. This feature enhances collaboration and document sharing within nonprofit teams, making it a valuable addition to your Slack toolkit.

Learn More About Slack Canvas:

“To-do “Lists” in Slack are game chargers for any organization

The ‘Lists’ feature in Slack allows you to manage simple to-do lists, tasks, and even entire projects directly in Slack.  Since everything is managed right within Slack, where team conversations are already happening, you can take advantage of other Slack features like commenting and tagging.
Since it's all within Slack, you can also use Slack's workflow builder to automate things.  Using the Workflow Automation Connectors, you can also take action in other tools based on changes to Slack lists (even Salesforce).  While it may not be as robust as Monday or JIRA, it should meet the needs of most nonprofits.

Combining your task management and collaboration tools simplifies your organization’s toolset, potentially saving on the licensing costs and integration efforts of having separate tools.  

Slack has a robust integration with the Salesforce platform

A non-technical person can establish a Slack and Salesforce CRM integration in just a few hours, providing the ability to interact with Salesforce data from Slack in real-time.  Once the connection is in place, you can perform many different tasks in Slack that would typically done in the Salesforce interface, such as:

  • Create or update Accounts, Contacts, and Opportunities
  • View a customized Opportunity Pipeline
  • Send alerts to a Slack channel based on changes to Accounts or Opportunities
    • A new Contact is created at a critical Account
    • A significant Opportunity has moved to Closed Won
    • A Contact has made a considerable donation

The above examples are only the beginning. Slack becomes another part of a tightly integrated Salesforce solution when your collaboration tool is integrated with your CRM, which also natively integrates with tools like Data Cloud and Marketing Cloud. 

About The Author: Ryan Hernalsteen
Salesforce Consultant

With a wealth of experience in the Salesforce ecosystem, Ryan seamlessly transitioned from a client to a consultant over the years. Specializing in Marketing Cloud and Data Cloud, he continues to sharpen his focus on these domains at Prolocity. Beyond his technical prowess, Ryan's passion lies in empowering individuals to navigate and solve complex problems.

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