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Who we are

Prolocity is a highly regarded full-service Salesforce consultancy focused on delivering a competitive advantage. We combine strategy, proven process, and quality execution to create an exceptional client experience. With hundreds of completed projects and a 5-star customer rating, Prolocity is recognized by clients and partners for our unmatched expertise and passionate people. Uniting our deep expertise with Salesforce technology, we empower our people, clients, and partners to achieve transformational outcomes.

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Our Values


High Integrity

Integrity is the guiding light that drives our actions. We hold ourselves to the highest standard of trust and transparency because we know that's what it takes to build strong, lasting relationships.


Unwavering Commitment

A passionate and enduring commitment to deliver game-changing outcomes.


People-Centric Approach

By putting people first, we can unlock their full potential and achieve greater success together.


Innovative Mindset

A culture of creativity and collaboration that encourages new ideas and approaches.


Giving Spirit

A commitment to giving and making a positive difference in the world through our work every day, our Prolocity Gives program, and our commitment to the Pledge 1% giving model.

We are blessed to have a unique culture of committed, generous, loving people who care very deeply about each other, our clients, our partners, and the communities where we work and serve. Our Prolocity Gives program allows us to live out our Pledge 1% commitment and put this special aspect of our culture into practice. By the way...this cultural dynamic also happens to make us much better at executing the work we do for clients on a daily basis!


At Prolocity, we’re not just talking about diversity, equity, and inclusion – we’re living it. As a CLIMB Award Honoree recognized for a diverse workforce and inclusive culture, here’s how we’re making a difference:

Foster Understanding

Understanding and Appreciation

We’re launching inclusive leadership and mentorship programs to empower every team member to contribute to a vibrant, dynamic workplace.

Building a Diverse Wordforce

Building A Diverse Workforce

As a Salesforce Talent Alliance Partner, we recruit diverse professionals because equity requires providing the resources needed for equal outcomes.

Engaging with the Community

Engaging with the Community

We partner with minority-owned businesses, participate in community outreach programs, and support events that celebrate diverse communities.

Investing in Education

Investing in Furthering Education

Creating a Culture of Belonging

Creating a Culture of Belonging


The Power of Trust

As a trusted advisor, we make all decisions with our client’s long-term goals in mind. We are here to face any problem with you, and we are committed to doing the right thing. Trust is more than a word -- trust is earned through action. We’ve identified five principles that we are dedicated to upholding in order to gain and maintain your trust.

Proven Process

  • Discovery Approach
  • Cutting-Edge Tools
  • Results-Focused


  • Excellent Communication
  • Responsive
  • Honest

The Best People

  • Passionate
  • Collaborative
  • Expert

Technical Expertise

  • Certified
  • Skillful
  • Experienced

Client Satisfaction

  • Long-Term Focus
  • Committed
  • Superior Quality

Our Geographic Footprint

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Proolcity Headquarters

Covington, Kentucky

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