• 5 Slack Hacks to Boost Nonprofit Operations

    Discover 5 Ways Nonprofits Can Supercharge Operations with Slack: Improve productivity and employee experience with Slack’s powerful features. Learn how to leverage channels for organized communication, automate routine tasks with Slack Workflows, integrate seamlessly with tools like Salesforce, and enhance collaboration with Slack Canvas.

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  • What Nonprofits Need to Know About Data Cloud

    There has been a lot of buzz around Salesforce’s latest announcements powered by Data Cloud, such as Marketing Cloud Growth, Einstein Copilots, and generative AI. These products and tools show immense promise, providing more timely and accurate content in less time.

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  • Supporting Sustainability Through Digital Transformation

    As organizations strive to minimize their environmental impact, the shift from manual, paper-based processes to digital systems represents a significant step towards a more sustainable future. At Prolocity, we are dedicated to supporting our clients in this transition, leveraging our expertise in Salesforce technology to drive digital transformation and promote sustainability.

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  • Data Cloud Insights from Salesforce Connections

    Prolocity’s Data Cloud Lead, Ryan Hernalsteen, recently attended Connections in Chicago with Nonprofit Practice Lead Jeremy Donelan and Marketing Cloud Lead Maria Kelley. They presented two highly attended sessions: one showcasing compelling real-life stories that highlighted the transformative potential of Data Cloud, and another on the advantages of unified profiles versus golden records.

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  • Data Cloud: How Unified Profiles Differ From a Traditional Golden Record

    One of the biggest hurdles to get past in a Data Cloud implementation is understanding the concept of a Unified Profile. This is complicated by the fact that Data Warehouses and MDM systems have been around for decades, and one of the primary goals of those systems is to create a “Golden Record”.

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  • Celebrating One Year of Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud

    Through our journey of learning, implementation, and collaboration, we have witnessed firsthand the transformative power of Nonprofit Cloud in driving fundraising efficiency and program effectiveness. As we celebrate this milestone, we are excited to continue our partnership with nonprofits, sharing best practices and accelerating impact with Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud.

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