Breadwinner for QuickBooks and Salesforce

Breadwinner for QuickBooks is a powerful bi-directional sync solution that makes it easy to access critical information right from the Salesforce Platform. Designed to benefit businesses of all sizes, this integration offers time savings, cost reductions, and enhanced transparency. After the successful implementation of Breadwinner for QuickBooks, we’re here to highlight some of its key features and benefits.

Increased Productivity and Transparency for an Improved Customer and Employee Experience

Increased Productivity and Transparency for an Improved Customer and Employee ExperienceWe firmly believe in the value of efficiency and transparency, both for our clients and team members.  Integrating Salesforce and QuickBooks with Breadwinner allows the entire team to access real-time data from the Salesforce system they are already using. This drives transparency and efficiency for the entire team. From Account Executives who receive a commission on payments received, to the Leadership Team who needs easy access to real-time data such as total amounts overdue or paid per Account. Breadwinner

Making invoicing and payments visible to each individual contributor helps drive increased shared responsibility for incoming cash flow. Everyone can access the information they need when they need it most—no more waiting around until someone else gets back from lunch or pinging someone on Slack. The information is right there in Salesforce!

Optimized Workflows for Efficient Process Automation

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Harnessing the power of Salesforce workflows, you and your team can eliminate or minimize manual processes, like populating date fields and ticking checkboxes. Instead, these actions are automated by a Salesforce flow. As your team grows or shifts, you can increase the automation to have a fully automated process or continue with a hybrid model, as we have done.

Invoicing Made Easy

We have developed custom buttons for our unique invoicing business process, which did require some additional effort due to our use of custom Salesforce objects, "Projects" and "Time Cards."’. 

Invoice Generation

While our implementation took a bit longer because of our business process, the Breadwinner team has a custom button generation tool and an incredibly helpful team to guide you or your Salesforce Admin through any issues. We launched a system that creates multiple different types of invoices - some using our custom object, Projects, and others using two custom objects!

With invoicing conducted directly through Salesforce, everyone on the team has real-time visibility into the status of invoices, including payment and overdue status, and this information can be aggregated at the account level.


Wrapping up, Breadwinner is an innovative solution that streamlines work processes and offers improved efficiency and transparency in a user-friendly interface.  With its array of features, it is a valuable asset for businesses looking to simplify their operations and boost productivity. It's powerful, easy to use, and most importantly, it delivers results. To get started, you can install Breadwinner’s Salesforce QuickBooks Integration directly from the AppExchange. Alternatively, go to the Intuit App Store to learn more about how they connect Salesforce to QuickBooks.


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