CalendarAnything Helps Businesses Stay Organized

With CalendarAnything it is easier than ever for businesses to have a real-time visual representation of their data. CalendarAnything helps businesses stay organized and allows for “at-a-glance” resource planning. After implementing the CalendarAnything application for a few of our clients, Prolocity decided to implement it internally to help with project management and resource planning. Our team needed greater visibility into current projects and the ability to plan for future projects, so CalendarAnything was just the answer we needed.

The team can create calendars from any standard or custom object as long as the record has a start and end date or date/time field. Schedule appointments, manage marketing campaigns, plan projects and more with the most customizable calendar app for Salesforce. We have the ability to overlay, color code, and filter calendars/records from different objects right on top of each other! With a simple click we can even change the view to show them side by side. We can view data in day, week, month, gantt or custom view. By filtering our data, we can customize the detail dialogs to include only the fields we need to see. Any record information can be edited directly on the calendar and everything is “drag & drop”.  For instance, if we need to extend the dates we can drag the bar to the end date that we want, and it is automatically changed behind the scenes in the Salesforce record.

We have been every happy with the results we have gotten from CalendarAnything and it has hugely impacted our team’s productivity. CalendarAnything is supported on the following Salesforce versions: Enterprise, Unlimited, Developer Editions or Force Platform Edition. There is also a free mobile app extension for the Salesforce1 application.

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