4 Paws For Ability: Service Dogs Making a Difference

From Puppy to Certified Service Dog, Changing Lives One Dog at a Time


Featured on the Netflix Original Series "Dogs", 4 Paws For Ability is a nonprofit organization on a mission to enrich the lives of people with disabilities by placing life-changing service dogs worldwide. Their unique program allows for a lifetime commitment to ensure the wellbeing of every 4 Paws dog that is bred, trained, and placed with someone living with a disability. This requires an extensive amount of accurate and acute data to be tracked and managed. Variables that need to be tracked range from the breed, specific litter, and hereditary line of an individual dog all the way to their specific assessment updates including health data, sociability levels, and progress in training courses. Not to mention the need to know which dogs below to which trainer, who is responsible for fostering, and staying up to date on all veterinary needs and schedules. It can be overwhelming for one dog, let alone the 500+ active dogs in their system at one time. When 4 Paws For Ability discovered there was a solution to meet all of their needs and more, Prolocity jumped into action to deliver results with no leash in sight.


Nonprofit Cloud



4 Paws For Ability

Prolocity produced various customizations to track households, contacts, and donations along with a new volunteer functionality found within the Nonprofit Success Pack from Salesforce. This allowed for the ability to track and monitor volunteer activity. Additionally, we imported all current and previous client spreadsheets to provide access to report on historical data. Dashboards and reports were enabled to allow for visibility into metrics for executive management and board members. The use of Formstack laid the foundation to meet the need of any data 4 Paws For  Ability may need to collect.

"Our project included a lot of custom pieces! Alex spent a lot of time and effort to see what we do, how we operate, and my vision for how we wanted our Salesforce to work! I greatly appreciate how important it was to their team that things worked best for us! They thought outside the box to come up with really creative solutions to optimize the efficiency of Salesforce. Working with Alex was great! 5 years ago we started the transition of going digital and they helped make all my visions a reality!

- Erin Bittner, Director of Socialization & Genetics - 4 Paws For Ability



In-Depth Reporting Functionality

360° View of Data


Improved Data Management

Expanded Program Involvement


Increased Placement Accuracy

Today, 4 Paws For Ability has the ability to track the life journey and success of a dog's life, even before it is born. Having a newfound clarity into every detail of a dog's health, to their studied behaviors and tracked milestones, recipients of service dogs are more easily placed, and as a result, more people in need are receiving service dogs than ever before. The creation of multiple custom forms including the Puppy Raiser Application, Behavior Incident, Adoption Application, Advanced Placement Questionnaire, Child Application, Health Form, and Veterans Application are just a few examples of what Prolocity supplied 4 Paws For Ability.

Insight into donation tracking, increased reporting accuracy and the elimination of manual processes is saving everyone time. From the veterinarian's office to the child eagerly awaiting their new companion, processes are more efficient every step of the way. 4 Paws For Ability is set up for long-term sustainability and that is something to wag your tail at. 



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