Brighton Center: A Brighter World

Accelerating Community Impact like Never Before


The nationally recognized, 50-year-old nonprofit, Brighton Center, has helped hundreds of thousands of individuals and families by tackling the issues that prevent people from becoming self-sufficient and creating hope so that goals can be achieved. With 41 distinct programs (including child development centers, emergency shelters, women’s recovery centers, and senior housing facilities), there was a significant opportunity for the organization to run more efficiently.  Their approach was highly manual (pen and paper, spreadsheets, etc.) and utilized siloed systems. Brighton Center needed to consolidate its 41 programs into one, universal solution to provide the framework to support the entire household as part of the “two-generation approach” where opportunities are tailored to meet the needs of children and their parents together.


Nonprofit Cloud


Self-Sufficiency Matrix Tool


Automated Referral Process

Brighton Center

Prolocity implemented Nonprofit Cloud to consolidate 41 disparate program tracking systems into a consolidated, single Salesforce instance.  A custom-built tool was developed to help determine and monitor progress to self-sufficiency at both the individual and household levels.  Lastly, in an effort to increase program engagement, we provided Brighton Center the ability to gain insight and view trends into reporting that supplied a holistic view on how families are engaged in their programs.

"During this discovery project Prolocity was insightful, responsive, and highly professional. The work product was the foundation for moving forward with the build project.”

- Melissa Hall Sommer, The Brighton Center



In-Depth Reporting Functionality

360° View of Data


Improved Data Management

Expanded Program Involvement


Increased Placement Accuracy

Now, Brighton Center has a holistic view of individual/household journeys and can monitor progress via the custom-built self-sufficiency matrix tool. The intake process has become simple and seamless for users. Impact reports that previously took countless hours to complete are now just one click away - increasing funding opportunities from organizations like the United Way. Furthermore, the automated referral process increases placement accuracy and program involvement.  With this new, cutting-edge system in place, Brighton Center is set up to effectively strengthen the vitality of the community and engage people as they work and live to achieve their hopes and dreams.


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