Dog Tag: Changing lives by the bakers dozen

How streamlining data silos into Salesforce is helping impact the lives of veterans, military spouses, and caregivers.


The Dog Tag Fellowship Program is a transformative opportunity that empowers veterans, military spouses, and caregivers with the necessary tools and education to develop their resilience, rediscover their purpose, and establish a sense of community that extends beyond the military. This five-month entrepreneurial-focused program is a unique blend of classroom learning, hands-on bakery experience, and community building, designed to bridge the gap between military service and civilian life. As part of the program, Dog Tag Fellows earn a prestigious business certificate from either Georgetown University (DC program) or Loyola University Chicago (Chicago program), while gaining practical skills in managing a thriving bakery. Through this immersive experience, fellows build out potential professional paths, and form lasting bonds with one another, while also dedicating time to introspection, storytelling, and personal growth, enhancing their overall well-being.

Dog Tag was confronted with the challenge of managing a complex set of programmatic content, standard operating procedures, and workflows that required the use of numerous software and tools. To streamline this valuable data and harness the full potential of Salesforce reporting, the organization sought to unify all tools into a single, centralized space. Through the implementation of Salesforce, Dog Tag was able to consolidate its tools and leverage the platform's remarkable power and efficiency, resulting in a more effective and streamlined operation.



Nonprofit Success Pack


Program Management Module

Experience Cloud


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ActiveCampaign (w/ Zapier integration)


Form Assembly

Dog Tag Dashboard

Prolocity’s primary objective when working with Dog Tag was to address the issue of data fragmentation, which was spread across multiple platforms, including Airtable, Submittable, Google Sheets and Forms, and Excel. To provide a unified solution, we leveraged the power of Salesforce, which became the central hub and a single source of truth for all aspects of their Fellowship program, such as the application process, program and course tracking, survey feedback, and alumni engagement. Consolidating their reporting capabilities into a single tool enabled the client to improve their operational efficiency and effectiveness.

To streamline the application process, we utilized FormAssembly and Salesforce Flows, which enabled us to automate much of the workflow. The application process begins in FormAssembly, which then flows seamlessly into Salesforce, and finally connects to ActiveCampaign, providing a 360º view of the applicant to multiple team members. With the help of screen flows, internal users can monitor applicant progression, review applications, assign interviews, and ultimately approve or deny applications with personalized, automated email templates.

Additionally, we also fulfilled Dog Tag’s need for an alumni hub, which we accomplished using Experience Cloud. This platform grants Dog Tag Fellows and program graduates access to Mentorship and Advisorship programs, the Alumni Business Guide, and historical Learning Labs. Graduates can also support the organization by participating in the Alumni Applicant Interview process and Fellows can access a simplified version of the portal, which focuses on Advisorship and Learning Labs.

Dog Tag Form Assembly

"The customized infrastructure Prolocity helped us to build has enabled us to streamline and advance in ways we never thought possible. Perhaps one of the greatest benefits has been the ease of data access and visualization through custom reports and dashboards. Previously, it took asking different staff to pull data from different tools to collect overall assessments of program components.  Now, with the ease of this centralized system, we are one dashboard link away from making critical information available to board members, executive leadership, funders, partners, and staff. This helps increase overall knowledge, transparency, and decision-making across multiple layers of our organization."

-  Maureen Devine-Ahl, Director of Programs and Community Impact


Streamlined Application Process

Boosted Team Member Efficiencies

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360° View of Dashboards

Increase in Applications

Education Online

Access to Data for Alumni

Directors and executives within the organization have observed a marked increase in their ability to access critical application data and metrics through the deployment of new, standardized Salesforce dashboards. Consolidating data within a single platform has enabled the development of dynamic KPI and Demographic reports that are updated in real-time, eliminating the need to rebuild reports for each new cohort of fellows.

The streamlined system has boosted efficiency and clarity among program staff who are now able to manage their work without having to move between constantly numerous disconnected systems. In addition, this system allows for even more sophisticated reporting and communicating of impact to key stakeholders including board members, funders, and partners.  By automating processes and centralizing tools, the Dog Tag team is able to focus on more important tasks, like spending time working directly with fellows, that drive the success of the program.

Since implementing Salesforce, the number of applications completed for the program doubled from previous cycles. The organization was previously not able to track how many people checked their eligibility status but now saw that hundreds of potential applicants are interested in applying. Dog Tag attributes these increases to the removal of barriers that previously hampered the application process in other form tools. With greater insight into where applicants are in the process, the marketing team is now better equipped to optimize their efforts and increase their outreach to potential applicants. Overall, the investment in Salesforce and partnership with Prolocity has enabled Dog Tag to improve its data management, streamline its processes and reporting, and enhance the experience for both applicants and alumni. Today Dog Dag is thriving with tangible improvements all leading to higher operational efficiency, greater data and insight visibility, and consequently, program growth.


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