Dynarex: Transforming the Sales and Quoting Process

Enabling a smarter and faster-selling process


In today's fast-paced environment, it became crucial for Dynarex, the award-winning medical supplies company, to evolve its sales and quoting process. With a complex pricing model, multiple systems, and a manual process, there was no standardization of the lead-to-close process.  Furthermore, there was an opportunity to more meaningfully engage with customers and turn data into actionable insights.  Dynarex needed to build a foundation in which they could better track and convert leads, configure complex deals, and engage with customers on a whole new level.


Sales Cloud



Prolocity stepped up to deliver a unique solution giving both the sales and leadership teams the right tools to go the extra mile in their business.  A tailored CPQ + Sales Cloud + Pardot experience was implemented via a strategic phased approach.

"To put it simply, Prolocity is the best there is. I can’t recommend Prolocity enough. They are literally the perfect implementation partner for any Salesforce needs. Highly effective, efficient and user friendly. What may seem like a overwhelming process, they have turned into an enjoyable, exciting experience, all while meeting our goals ahead of schedule. We look forward to all our next steps with Prolocity!"

-Michael Allen, Dynarex


Faster Quote Generation

Greater Pricing Accuracy

Better Selling Insights

Increased Control and Visibility


Streamlined Lead-to-Close Process

Email Automation

Stronger Distributor Relationships

The integrated CPQ + Sales Cloud + Pardot solution has significantly advanced the lead-to-close process.  Now, Dynarex is enabled to generate precise quotes in a fraction of the time.  The consolidation of data has given them the ability to gain better selling insights and increase control and visibility among leadership.  Furthermore, automated email communication allows customers to get the information they need in real-time, without the lag of a manual process, ultimately resulting in better customer and distributor relationships.  With this new experience in place, Dynarex offers their customers a truly unique one-stop shopping experience.


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