Gravity Diagnostics: Scaling During A Global Pandemic

A digital transformation and increased operational efficiencies


Gravity Diagnostics is a medical laboratory providing diagnostic testing for toxicology, blood hematology, pharmacogenetics, and infectious diseases. Most recently responding to the COVID-19 pandemic, they expanded by 3000% and added over 400 new employees. Meeting the dire need of processing the rapid growth of COVID cases, Gravity Diagnostics won many contracts with hospitals, school districts, and state governments to facilitate the needed testing. Previously, the sales team managed customers and incoming opportunities through a manual process in spreadsheets, and each individual sales representative maintained their accounts without a standardized opportunity management process. This separation of data tracking and the inability to streamline task management led to insufficient data management and difficulties in reporting. Gravity Diagnostics was in need of a system that could keep up with demand and allow for the standardization of data entry, opportunity, and automated task management, workflows, and comprehensive reporting capabilities.


Sales Cloud

CTI case study example

Prolocity successfully migrated Gravity Diagnostics from a legacy system to the Sales Cloud with Case Configuration. Prolocity also created a series of customizations that would lay the foundation for their new and improved digital world. This new system provided detailed customer support and a clear description of communication such as which sales representative followed up when they engaged with the customer, and who owned the account.

Excellent partner! Very engaged throughout the process with timely responses and proactive communication."

- BLAKE BROADFOOT Director, Sales Operations,  Gravity Diagnostics.


Optimized Reporting & Sales

360° View of Data and Tracking

Transparency Across Functions


Provided Precise Data Tracking

Accurate Real Time Reporting


Improved Data Management

With Sales Cloud, more descriptions are available and a higher level of detail is involved when tracking accounts, leads, and opportunities. The new automation of tracking sales stages was a game-changer and allowed for a "lead" to become an "opportunity" following entering a new data field. Their respective sales stages will move along with the client through the sales process. With these customizations, Gravity Diagnostics is not only selling within a more simplified selling process but within one that is easily reportable and accurate.

Due to the tremendous growth and success of Gravity Diagnostics, there is so much more that can be done with Salesforce. Gravity Diagnostics is currently laying the groundwork to expand into new business areas and refine further business opportunities as they continue to respond to the global pandemic and other healthcare needs.


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