Great Lakes Hotel Supply: Simplifying The Sales Process

Increased selling efficiencies are boosting the bottom line


Great Lakes Hotel Supply is a 4th generation family-owned foodservice equipment dealer. Beginning in Detroit Michigan, they set a standard of being a vital part of the local metropolitan business community. Now located in Southfield, MI, Great Lakes continues to expand and implement new visions such as their Culinary Event Center which boasts a state-of-the-art test kitchen. Previously, they relied on a pen and paper system that slowed their growing potential. The sales process was facing complications due to a lack of visibility. Finding a quote or having the ability to see who was over which account was frustrating and costing time. Their sales process had no choice but to become more efficient to keep up with their growth and momentum. Consequently, a full-scale digital transformation was imminent. This is a prime example of how Salesforce can revolutionize a business's sales process from the ground up, starting with the replacement of each manual process and turning it into digital automation.


Sales Cloud

Great Lakes Hotel Supply Co

Prolocity created a series of customizations that would lay the foundation for their new and improved digital world. The new automation of tracking sales stages was a game-changer. This allowed for a "lead" to become an "opportunity" following the entering of a new data field. Now, their respective sales stages will move along with the client. With these customizations, Great Lakes is not only gaining a simplified selling process but one that is reportable. Additionally, Prolocity added the capabilities of email integration and managed the process of taking their previous system into a fully cloud-based platform where all data was successfully transferred. 

“They listened to what our vision was and helped us navigate and discover solutions along the way.”

- Warren Casey, Great Lakes Hotel Supply


Optimized Reporting & Sales

360° View of Data

Money Online

Account Ownership Visability

Cloud Computing

Successful Data Transfer

Email Integration

Streamlined Training - Sales Process

Great Lakes Hotel Supply has done away with the clutter of spreadsheets and pen-to-paper tracking. With the optimization of using new customized objects and fields, the sales process is running like an efficient engine with no need to slow down. Their new ability of extensive reporting capabilities is providing the management team with an instant view of data by utilizing personalized dashboards. New and existing team members are set up for success with a new streamlined training process. Originally trained by members of the Prolocity team, any internal admin within Great Lakes is able to efficiently navigate their dashboards and pass on their methods and processes to new hires. Time is being saved and reinvested for the sales team at Great Lakes and ultimately those savings are being passed on to the most important factor of them all, the customer. This new direction for Great Lakes has sparked an interest in how Salesforce can further its expansion efforts and provide any other efficiencies within the company as a whole. 


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