Halo Health: Real-Time HIPAA Communication

Halo Health has entered a digital transformation and is revolutionizing the healthcare communications industry!


In the midst of exponential growth, scalability and moving to a unified company-wide platform became essential. Similar to countless medical device companies, Halo Health was tracking data and creating reports via spreadsheets. Managing data with spreadsheets is a manual process that often leads to siloed data, difficulty in managing relationships, and suboptimal reporting - inefficiencies that can significantly impact performance and scalability. Furthermore, Halo Health needed a centralized platform to drive efficiencies in its case management process, increase customer satisfaction, and meet service-level agreements (SLAs). Prolocity stepped up to deliver a unique solution allowing for cutting-edge case management, data consolidation and efficiencies, and advanced communication tools. 


Sales Cloud

Service Cloud

Experience Cloud


Email to Case Configuration

Prolocity successfully migrated Halo Health from a legacy system to the Service Cloud with Email-To-Case Configuration. By utilizing the Desk-To-Service Cloud migration tool substantial time was saved in creating custom fields as well as with formatting and loading data files.  This allowed for more time to customize the customer community and knowledge structure as well as create an optimal user experience for the Halo Health team under tight time constraints.

"A team of true partners that leverage their expertise and guide you through the process every step of the way.”

-Brooke Ball, Halo Health


Increased Service Productivity

Improved Patient Satisfaction

Faster Issue Resolution

Increased Collaboration

Transparency Across Functions

Now, Halo Health has access to a 360-degree view of patient information. This new knowledge base provides patients with a keyword-searchable database of self-service and troubleshooting articles.  In turn, patient questions are answered quickly and easily, reducing the number of support cases created while providing insight into the most common customer issues so Halo can spend more time on developing proactive optimizations to better the patient experience.  The implementation of Experience Cloud enables patients to access and update their own account information and cases, giving them more control of their experience.  Some of the country's most prestigious health systems use Halo Health for enterprise-wide clinical communication including, Patient Coordinator, Voice, Schedules, and Integrations. Today, Halo Health is living out its mission to protect patients from delays in care and clinicians from alert fatigue and burnout.


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