Kona Ice: The Iconic Treat of Summer is Nationwide and Thriving

Increased operational efficiencies have made franchisee management a breeze!


People of all ages can recall the nostalgia of a frozen slushy on a hot summer day. A leader in delivering these special treats, Kona Ice, is a mobile, shaved ice franchise with +1,000 trucks across 48 states. Kona Ice had been using Salesforce for over 10 years. However, they were not using the platform to its full potential to gather the franchisees' business and personal information. Their data resided in cumbersome excel spreadsheets and communication wasn’t being tracked within Salesforce. Kona Ice lacked the ability to readily track when a warranty was expiring on a piece of equipment or even knowing if a territory hold agreement had been signed.  They came to Prolocity looking for a streamlined one-stop-shop solution to track territory hold agreements, equipment and warranty information throughout its franchises.



Customized Territory & Franchisee Management

Sales Cloud


Customized Payment Management




Customized Warranty Management


Prolocity jumped in to create a customization of accounts (franchises), contacts, and opportunities (territories) for their respective needs. With these customizations, Kona Ice can track Franchisee business information and sell the territory based on zip codes. Additionally, we created custom objects for equipment, transferred equipment payment and royalties as well as fields and workflow to notify the appropriate employee when a warranty would expire. Furthermore, Kona is now using customized fields that accommodate the territory documentation with valid dates and the ability to be signed virtually.


“A total class act. Prolocity helped us take Salesforce from a glorified address book to a true platform to manage our business. They were incredibly responsive and friendly throughout the entire project. They set realistic and understandable expectations and followed through on everything they promised. Their customer service is flawless, and thanks to their hard work, our company is now more organized and efficient.”

- Adam Sargent, Kona Ice, Inc.


Optimized Reporting & Sales

360° View of Data

Money Online

Simplified Franchisee Purchases


Provided Precise Data Tracking

Kona Ice eliminated their clutter of spreadsheets with the optimization of using new customized objects that accommodated all the information gathered per franchise. This allows for extensive reporting capabilities and provides the owner and management team with an instant view of data by utilizing personalized dashboards. Not to mention the ease in tracking and viewing royalties and loan payments being made with their current balances. The transfer of equipment information to a new franchisee after being sold has become much simpler. Now, Kona Ice employees are able to contact franchisees in advance, to notify them of a warranty expiring preventing any lapse in coverage. With the business expanding nationwide, territories can now be tracked and assigned based on zip codes with existing franchisees and territory hold agreements that are easily tracked per franchisee.



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