NCSBN: Revolutionizing the Application Process

How NCSBN is Leveraging Automation to Advance Operations


The National Council of State Boards of Nursing (NCSBN) is an organization through which nursing regulatory bodies act and counsel together on matters of common interest and concern affecting public health, safety, and welfare, including the development of nursing licensure exams.  Prior to implementing Salesforce, Volunteers applied to nurse licensure and certification examinations through three separate applications on the NCSBN website. Upon submission, application data was sent to NCSBN’s homegrown volunteer management system where the Test Development Team would manually determine applicant eligibility based on dozens of criteria. Eligible applicants were then manually assigned to test development panels based on additional panel criteria.  This process was labor-intensive and required supplemental spreadsheets in addition to their volunteer management system to correctly determine eligibility and assign volunteers to the appropriate panel.



Contract Management System

Nonprofit Cloud


Project Management System



Prolocity rolled out a custom automation allowing applicants to apply to the three nurse licensure and certification examination development panels in a single application. Furthermore, all existing Contact data was migrated including, education, employment, and license records allowing for NCSBN to have a 360 view of their application, contact management, panel involvement, and outreach process.

"Prolocity did an incredible job both leading and managing our implementation. The Prolocity team focused on our needs and was able to provide an even better solution than we originally imagined based on our initial requirements. Their expertise was apparent from the beginning and remained consistent throughout the project lifecycle.”

Gretchen Schlesinger, NCSBN


Streamlined Communication

360° View of Contacts


Simplified Application Process


Improved Data Management

Cloud Computing

Successful Data Migration

Now, with Salesforce NPSP, the eligibility to participate is automatically determined alleviating the need for an NCSBN staff member to manually review and approve.  This optimized process is saving the NCSBN team significant time and money.  In addition, communication has been automated for when an applicant is denied/accepted and the identification of all panels for which the volunteer is eligible.  Once the appropriate panel is selected, NCSBN can track all details of the volunteer involvement in place allowing for a holistic, 360˚view.  With the highest level of efficiency in place, NCSBN is fully enabled to empower and support nursing regulators in their mandate to protect the public.


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