4C For Children: Nonprofit Cloud

4C for Children, a leading nonprofit committed to supporting children, families, and educators, found themselves at a critical juncture as their donor management tool, Salsa Labs, approached end-of-life. Urgently needing a robust CRM system to sustain operations and boost engagement, they turned to Prolocity to swiftly deploy Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud and Marketing Cloud Account Engagement

The Challenge

With Salsa Labs quickly approaching end of life, 4C for Children risked disruption to their donor management and engagement strategies. Within a timeline of less than 3 months, 4C sought a rapid migration to a new platform that could not only replace Salsa Labs but also offer enhanced functionality, flexibility, and scalability, without disruption to operation to ensure their ability to capitalize on upcoming fundraising opportunities.

Understanding the urgency, Prolocity proposed a rapid deployment of Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud tailored to:

  • Centralize donor data from Salsa Labs and Salsa Engage in Salesforce.
  • Implement core CRM functionalities tailored to nonprofit needs including donor management, donation tracking, and campaign management.
  • Enable real-time insights into fundraising activities and donor behavior with advanced reporting and analytics. 
  • Train staff quickly on the new system to ensure a smooth transition and immediate adoption.
  • Provide continuous support post-implementation with PROserve managed services to optimize the use of new systems and refine processes as needed.


Nonprofit Cloud Screenshot

"The collaboration with Prolocity was crucial during a pivotal time of technological transition for us. Their expertise in Salesforce allowed us to seamlessly move from Salsa Labs to a more robust and integrated platform, enhancing our capabilities in donor management and engagement without interrupting our services."

– Ryan Wright, Senior Development Officer, 4C for Children


360° View Of Data

Improved Data Management

Expanded Program Involvement

Increased Control and Visability

Reduced Internal Admin Time

The successful deployment of Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud and Marketing Cloud Account Engagement not only addressed immediate needs but also laid a solid foundation for future growth and innovation, building a pathway for sustained impact and success. Today, 4C for Children is empowered to enhance donor engagement through personalized communications and tracking with advanced Salesforce tools. They have Improved fundraising capabilities by streamlining fundraising activities and increased their revenue through robust data management and analytics.

4C for Children is enjoying newfound operational efficiencies including reduced administrative overhead with process automation. Most importantly, their solution is future-proof and can grow as their organization grows. Salesforce can adapt to their growing needs and will allow for continued optimization as organizational strategies evolve


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