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Food Bank Reduces Client Follow-up Time by 60%


Last year the Central Pennsylvania Food Bank embarked on a digital transformation project to migrate their SNAP outreach and case management operations from OASIS to Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud

Last year alone, the organization served 27 counties and 57,317,640 meals to a total of 2,430,780 individuals through referrals received from partners, online inquiries, and phone calls to their helpline. Since the COVID-19 Pandemic, increase in food prices and wavering economic uncertainty, managing the growing demand for services like the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) has become a growing challenge.

Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud Case Management is redefining how Food Banks operate and engage with the communities they serve. Laura Goddard, SNAP Outreach Coordinator, says her team’s turnaround for client follow-up is much quicker than it used to be. “We used to tell clients they could hear back from us in 1 business week. Now we’re able to respond to referrals in 24 to 48 hours.” These results mean faster access to help for the state’s most vulnerable neighbors.

The Challenge: Streamlining SNAP Outreach Services

Before Salesforce, the Food Bank's intake and case management processes for SNAP Outreach were cumbersome and paper-heavy. Staff spent extensive time on manual data entry, tracking applications, and managing case files across multiple locations. This not only slowed down operations but also created barriers for neighbors seeking assistance. The need for a robust solution that could streamline these processes and improve data management was clear.

The Food Bank faced several significant challenges in managing client caseload: 

  • Inefficient Follow-Up: Staff struggled to keep up with and ensure that all application steps were completed in a timely manner, leading to delays and a backlog of cases.
  • Laborious Reporting: Reporting to state agencies and funders was manual and time-consuming, often taking staff away from their core responsibilities.
  • Limited Impact Measurement: Without sophisticated tools, the Food Bank was unable to fully measure the effectiveness of their work and the impact of their services.
  • Difficulty in Screening Clients: Screening clients for eligibility and appropriate benefits was challenging, often requiring multiple interactions and manual calculations.

The Solution: Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud Implementation


Nonprofit Cloud


Form Assembly

Nonprofit Cloud - Custom Calculator

Custom Built Benefit Calculator

Recognizing the potential of technology to transform their operations, the Central Pennsylvania Community Food Bank became one of the first customers to implement Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud. This strategic move was aimed at streamlining their intake and case management systems and scaling their operations away from administrative tasks to focus on more strategic initiatives in combating the root causes of food insecurity.

Integrated Technology Enhancements

To address these specific challenges, the Food Bank implemented several innovative solutions within Salesforce:

  • FormAssembly Integration: This tool was used to create intelligent, integrated forms that automatically screened clients and directed them to the most suitable resources based on their specific scenarios.
  • Custom SNAP Benefit Calculator: A custom-built benefit calculator within Salesforce replaced cumbersome Excel spreadsheets. This tool allowed staff to quickly calculate estimated benefit amounts, enhancing efficiency and accuracy.
  • Guided Screen Flows: Salesforce enabled guided screen flow automation to help case managers screen callers for eligibility, create applications and manage follow-ups, which streamlined the entire case management process. The team 
  • Enhanced Reporting Capabilities: Nonprofit Cloud standard reports and dashboards facilitated easier and quicker generation of reports for state bodies and funders, freeing up valuable staff time for other tasks.
Central Pennsylvania Food Bank - Nonprofit Cloud

Prolocity took the time to understand our needs, current processes, and dreams. Their creative solutions allowed us to consolidate the various solutions we had been using, to streamline our processes, and to eliminate redundancies. These efficiencies mean we’re able to help more neighbors (clients) in need of food assistance, sooner…From the beginning to the end, Tara Cobb from Prolocity was dedicated to seeing our dream realized. When a solution didn’t match our vision or work as expected, she was quick to offer a new solution or find a fix. When we talked of pain points or had questions, she took the time to listen and to explain. Her admin training was great, and she was able to show our admin how to upload and update bulk data using Data Loader.”

- Laura Goddard, SNAP Outreach Manager

The Impact: Enhanced Efficiency and Client Satisfaction

Improved operational efficiency

60% Reduction in Response Times

Enhanced Client Experience

Improved Data Accuracy

Website analysis icon

Increased data tracking and visualization of data

The results of implementing Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud were immediate and profound. Here’s how the solution has positively impacted the Food Bank and its community:

  • Increased Efficiency: Automated workflows and centralized data management have drastically cut down the time required to process applications. Staff can now handle cases more efficiently, allowing them to assist more neighbors in need, with a 60% reduction in response times.
  • Improved Accuracy: The risk of errors common in manual processes has been significantly reduced, leading to more reliable data handling and service provision. 
  • Enhanced Client Experience: Having all client data in one place means that no matter which case manager answers a call, they’re fully informed and ready to help, eliminating duplicative services and ensuring a seamless experience for clients.
  • Data-Driven Insights: With better reporting capabilities, the Food Bank can analyze trends, measure impact, and make informed decisions to continuously improve their services.

Overall, Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud has helped the Central Pennsylvania Food Bank maintain cleaner data, achieve consistency, and manage its outreach program much more effectively. 

To learn more about how Salesforce can positively impact your Food Bank or nonprofit organization, review our Food Insecurity webinar.


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