North Texas Conference of The United Methodist Church

Enhancing Data Integration and User Experience through Salesforce Implementation


The North Texas Conference of the United Methodist Church (the NTC) supports leadership development, community outreach, and growth strategies for its more than 200 churches across 22 counties. As a resource hub for a wide range of clergy members and churches, the NTC values meaningful connections and the ability to work across a variety of ministry contexts.

The NTC faced challenges stemming from data fragmentation and outdated processes. Although they were utilizing Salesforce to manage local church and clergy-related information, annual form submissions from clergy and churches were being managed through a separate, antiquated system. This resulted in data silos, process inefficiencies, and duplication of work to keep both systems up to date.


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In collaboration with Prolocity, the NTC undertook a transformative project to unify its data landscape and streamline processes using Salesforce's suite of tools. The first step involved constructing a comprehensive data model that interlinked contacts, churches, and relevant objects. This model formed the foundation for personalized user experiences, ensuring that users were presented with only the forms pertinent to their roles.

To address the challenge of fragmented data, Prolocity orchestrated the migration of all data from the outdated system into Salesforce, centralizing information and enabling a holistic view of the NTC’s operations. The integration of FormAssembly and Salesforce's Experience Cloud emerged as pivotal solutions for the annual form submission process. FormAssembly facilitated a seamless transition, offering an upgraded user interface and customization options for each form. This, coupled with Experience Cloud's tight integration, established Salesforce as the sole repository of the NTC data, eradicating data silos.

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"Prolocity’s team took the time to understand our needs and provide solutions that met those needs and more. They were undaunted in their pursuit of excellence, and I couldn’t be more pleased with the result.”

-  Lisa Putnam, IT Manager, Center for Connectional Resources North Texas Conference of the United Methodist Church


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The NTC's adoption of Salesforce has already generated substantial benefits. The implementation has effectively established Salesforce as the definitive data source for all the NTC data, bringing together fragmented information into a cohesive platform. As the community gains traction, it is anticipated that engagement and accountability among clergy and churches will significantly improve, enabling more consistent and accurate submission of required annual information.

Prolocity's collaboration with the NTC demonstrates how strategic integration of Salesforce products—such as Experience Cloud, FormAssembly, and Mass Action Scheduler—can overcome data fragmentation challenges, enhance user experiences, and pave the way for increased engagement and efficiency within non-profit organizations.


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