Quilez and Associates: Increasing Access to Healthcare

How Quilez created a Seamless Experience for Providers and Patients


Quilez and Associates Inc. is dedicated to delivering quality health screenings to partners both large and small. Either high-tech or high-touch, their ability to scale up to meet client demands is unrivaled. With over 20 years of experience and millions of participants, Q&A Inc. prides itself on its ability to deliver. A national pharmacy retailer came to Quilez + Prolocity to seamlessly handle all health screening event requests for the retailer's partners and customers nationally.  Due to rapid growth, creating an optimal experience for both partners and customers became a necessity. The national pharmacy retailer needed to make a move from spreadsheets to a fully integrated, automated experience so backend business processes could be managed efficiently, allowing for an optimal front-end experience.


Experience Cloud

Service Cloud

Custom Mobile App

SMS 360

SMS 360

Nonprofit Cloud

Customer 360 Platform

Quilez and Associates Impact

Prolocity partnered with Quilez to create Health Assessments in Experience Cloud that could be tied closely to events in Service Cloud and events in a custom mobile app.  The custom app allows users to filter and search based upon specific criteria (i.e. location, date, demographics, etc.) As a further enhancement to the user experience, Prolocity created an automated survey functionality – allowing for real-time feedback and results in post-event, all housed within Salesforce.

“It was a pleasure to work with Prolocity. They have a variety of resources and understood our unique business needs. I look forward to working with them in the future.”

- Iker Quilez, Partner Quilez and Associates



360° View of Data


In-Depth Reporting Functionality

Saved Timed for Team Members and Clients

More Services Available for More Residents


Lessened Application Time

While working with Quilez and Associates Inc., the company was able to provide over $160 million dollars in free medical services, including 7,500 screening events and a 99% customer satisfaction rate. Now with Salesforce and their new set of criteria in their custom app came the creation of REST APIs for the national pharmacy’s retail mobile app to Salesforce so that backend business processes could be managed efficiently via a single source of truth, allowing for automation, eliminating the need for manual processes. Today, all data points are pointed back to their website. With these new solutions in place, millions of patients are getting more access to the care they need, making a positive impact across the nation.


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