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School for Field Studies (SFS) is a nonprofit organization offering the largest U.S. environmental study abroad program for undergraduates. They offer accredited semester and summer-long programs in 6 continents and 10+ countries worldwide. These diverse locations range from the heart of the Australian rainforest to the tropical coastline of Panama. Conducting field research with strategic plans, SFS addresses global and local environmental issues. Founded in 1980, SFS has facilitated over 20,000 students studying abroad.

Check out the full case study below. For more, watch the SFS story in this 9-minute video excerpt from a PROserve webinar, where they share how PROserve helped them maximize their Salesforce investment: 


After School for Field Studies had completed their initial implementation, they faced challenges stemming from outdated data habits inherited from their previous CRM, Blackbaud. They knew they would need ongoing development and improvements on their system. A significant leadership change prompted the need for a significant pivot, leading SFS to engage with PROserve to revamp their admissions and billing processes, a decision driven by the need for a robust and adaptable solution.


Despite the intricacies of the application process, the PROserve team efficiently executed the reconstruction within a few months, seamlessly running alongside the existing system. The go-live phase was described as "painless" by the admissions team, highlighting the success of the redesign process.


School for Field Studies form

“Salesforce, in terms of reporting, is incredibly powerful and one of the easiest reporting platforms that ive worked with.”

- Darren Childs, Global IT Manager, School For Field Studies


Another challenge SFS faced was managing billing for over 250 schools presented SFS with another set of challenges. Seeking a financial system capable of handling such complexities, SFS turned to Prolocity. Darren, the Director of Global IT at SFS, approached PROserve to develop an invoice structure leveraging Salesforce's reporting capabilities.


While the accounting solution wasn’t able to accommodate their distinct needs, PROserve was able to work with SFS to leverage the power of Salesforce to navigate the intricacies of their challenge. Together, they were able to build a custom solution that gave SFS the insight needed to accurately account for their complexities.

As SFS grew further into Salesforce, they found Salesforce to be an invaluable asset. The platform's robust reporting capabilities played a pivotal role in adapting to the evolving needs of SFS, the dynamism and flexibility of Salesforce allows it to constantly adapt, and by leveraging PROserve, they have had the expertise needed to make the most of the system.


360° View Of Data

Improved Data Management

Expanded Program Involvement

Increased Control and Visability

Reduced Internal Admin Time

Increased Student Accessibility

Proserve emerged as an ideal fit for SFS due to resource constraints preventing the hiring of an in-house Salesforce administrator. By outsourcing their Salesforce-related needs to Prolocity, SFS streamlined their operations and ensured the ongoing success of the organization. The admissions team expressed gratitude for being on a system that could grow and adapt to their changing requirements.

The collaborative effort between SFS and PROserve’s ongoing support showcased the effectiveness of leveraging Prolocity for comprehensive system overhauls. From admissions process redesign to billing transformations, the partnership not only addressed immediate challenges but also positioned SFS for sustained growth and adaptability. 


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