SoLa I Can Foundation

Scaling impact by migrating years of legacy data from three platforms to one universal system


The SoLa I CAN Foundation works to end intergenerational poverty in South Los Angeles by creating new access to economic and educational opportunities. Today, SoLa I CAN has grown to serve over 7,500 South LA families annually. Its marquee project is the SoLa Technology and Entrepreneurship Center Powered by Riot Games, which aims to close the racial digital divide in South LA. 

As the organization expanded, new technology platforms were added to respond to growing needs, but the systems in place could not communicate with one another. There was a lack of clarity across teams, and no single source of truth showcased how people engaged with SoLa I CAN across donations, volunteering, programs, and services. Many internal processes were done manually, which distracted the SoLa team members from more meaningful work and made it difficult to truly understand impact. Manually entering data into disparate spreadsheets and systems was a frustrating experience and interfered with managing relationships with the families they served. SoLa needed an integrated solution to reduce manual tasks, increase productivity, and strengthen relationships with donors and families alike. 


Nonprofit Success Pack


Case Management

Program Management Module


GiveLively Online Donation Integration

Form Assembly

As a Salesforce Premium Partner for Nonprofits, we guided SoLa I CAN through a long-term path to success with their initial Salesforce implementation. We then led SoLa I CAN through the process of cleaning and importing legacy donation data. NPSP rollups provided a complete view of a donor’s giving history. NPSP’s relationship management capabilities offered a much-needed solution to help the Development Team track, manage, and grow their relationships with businesses and donors.

"Prolocity put us on the right path to healthy data and program management. It provided foundational training to core staff, deeply helpful and accommodating customer service, and diligent project management. They are also terrific individuals and fun to work with! They also show the importance of issue expertise when it comes to CRM and data management."

- Daniel Rosove, Director of Impact Partnerships,  SoLa I CAN Foundation


Reduced Data Entry Burden

360° View of Constituents, Services and Programs

Personalized Client Support

Increased Fundraising

Reporting on Program Impact

SoLA I CAN also integrated GiveLively to seamlessly record donations into Salesforce and grow their online Fundraising strategy. To free up SoLa I CAN's program managers from time-consuming manual tasks, the nonprofit employed Program Management Module (PMM), enabling all event data and program applications to be stored in one single location. Utilizing FormAssembly, SoLa I CAN's constituents now register for programs and apply for scholarships through a streamlined online form that creates records in Salesforce. This makes it easy to track attendance, report on a client’s participation across programs, and eliminate the need for back and forth emails to obtain missing client information. 

SoLa I CAN is not only interested in offering one-time programs and opportunities; they are invested in supporting their client’s growth in self-sufficiency over time. Nonprofit Cloud Case Management gives them the flexibility to determine their client’s baseline status when entering SoLa I CAN's programs and visualize how their circumstances change over time using assessments. Case Plans enable case managers and clients to collaborate on and measure progress on personalized goals and action items. Today SoLa I CAN is making a difference in the lives of thousands of residents in Los Angles and has the technology in place to grow and further their impact.


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