The Mind Trust: Bridging the Gap in Educational Inequality

Creating Educational Opportunities is Now Easier and More Efficient


The Mind Trust is a nonprofit organization that collaborates with the greater Indianapolis metropolitan area to transform education opportunities and provide high-impact programs designed to empower their community. Having supported the opening of over 35 public schools through school fellowship and capacity building awards, their overall mission is to supply educational spaces with the funding to either reestablish a failing school or to create a new school from scratch. However, their growth and success momentum was met with preventable obstacles due to disparate technology and having to rely on an excel based model. Not having the necessary visibility across all communication platforms served as a disadvantage as they continued to reach thousands of people through email marketing but were missing out on valuable data collection. The need for a more simple and robust system utilizing a single source of truth for their data and analytics was imminent and any delay would have prolonged their efforts to tackle education inequality within their community.


SoapBox Engage

Nonprofit Success Pack

Experience Cloud


The Mind Trust

Prolocity jumped into action by providing a customized portal and application program. Combined with Experience Cloud, school leaders can easily apply for fellowships and fellows can effortlessly interact with their coaches. With this custom program management functionally system, The Mind Trust can monitor fellowships and schools, providing insight into ongoing milestones such as during school openings and then sharing that information back to their assigned coach. By implementing NPSP, school leaders can track all grants and donations while Soapbox Engage manages all online donations. These new systems allow for all grants and donations to be easily entered and tracked within Salesforce. With the addition of the implementation of Pardot, the data collected from all events and email marketing campaigns is now synchronized into one dashboard.

"Prolocity has been an instrumental partner in our pursuit of a solution to build stronger connectivity between our data and grow our impact with Salesforce. They understand our mission and have been committed to helping us find solutions that work for our team."

- Lauren Rush, Senior VP of Administration and Alignment, The Mind Trust.


Grant Management

360° View of Data


Improved Data Management

Expanded Program Involvement

Streamlined Communication & Data Tracking

Today, The Mind Trust is able to manage their donors, fellowship applications, and prospects, as well as all school data from a single source of truth. External communications are more advanced thanks to Pardot and provide the ability to log all contacts, add contacts to separate constituencies, tag individuals to organizations and track which event a lead or contact generated from. These new functionalities allow The Mind Trust to interact with fellowships and program participants in a deeper way. While recipients of The Mind Trust email campaigns remain informed and engaged, the valuable information provided in return creates the necessary data tracking to further their mission. Together with Prolocity, The Mind Trust is creating an even larger impact on their community, maintaining easier-to-use management systems all while deepening their engagement with donors and making true progress toward education equality. To learn more about The Mind Trust and its mission, visit their website by clicking here.

Upcoming Opportunities

Prolocity is currently in the 2nd phase of working with The Mind Trust. Together, we are refining the Experience Cloud portal with enhancements to their application process and how it functions for fellowship applicants. We are also building out a dashboard for The Mind Trust leadership team and adding in automation to make their system more efficient for current business processes. Now that Salesforce products and Prolocity customizations have been up and running for some time, we have been able to identify areas that can be improved. By investing time and resources into doing an original project, it has positioned the organization in a place to expedite growth down the line when expansions and further customized build-outs are required. 


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