Triumph Signs: New Found Efficiencies Enabling Customer Success

High-quality internal efficiencies are lighting the path forward for Triumph Signs.


From interior directional signage to the tops of skyscrapers, chances are you have seen a product from Triumph Signs and Consulting, Inc. Specializing in providing signage and lighting to a growing customer base, their sales momentum was accelerating while internal processes could not sustain this growth. The Triumph team relied on email as their primary communication tool, causing bottlenecks and delays across the board. There was an opportunity to better record information to more accurately determine project profitability. Furthermore, frustration grew as the absence of mobile capabilities out in the field required handwritten documentation. With project management being handled in either spreadsheet or on paper, file storage requiring nearly one terabyte a year, and the accounting systems outgrowing QuickBooks, it was time for Triumph to find a better solution.


Sales Cloud


Partner Community







Ipad Examples

Prolocity crafted a blend of Salesforce solutions to best serve Triumph Signs. Implementing Sales Cloud allowed for segmented departments to grant a 360° visibility to customers and their internal team. Paired with DocuSign in order to get fieldwork orders signed, documentation requiring signatures were made easy and efficient. A new custom project management application created a documented process for all managers to use in the same way as well as automated communications among departments that permitted visibility to when actions were needed from each team. With Triumph Signs now using Xfiles with Google drive, the necessary storage capacity eased workflow. The addition of Partner Communities (Experience Cloud) gave Triumph Signs the ability to share project information with customers.  Lastly, Intacct became the new accounting solution that seamlessly integrated with Salesforce through opportunities and sales orders.

"Prolocity helped us convert our entire company over to a Salesforce based company. Salesforce and its strong partner apps have now become our company wide software. Implementation has went great since we partnered with Prolocity, they made it a priority to help everyone in our company succeed. From day one they were committed to our success from administrators all the way down to our basic users and customer accounts. They really did their homework and put in the time to make sure our implementation went smooth and our company continued to operate effectively and efficiently during the transition process. We couldn't have done it without Prolocity's help."

- Joe Smallwood, Triumph Signs


Increased Service Productivity

Boosted Management Efficiencies

Accurate Real Time Reporting

Increased Partner Engagement

Increased Compliance

For Triumph Signs, the difference was night and day regarding newfound efficiency of systems, processes, and quality of data. Management now has a clear, accurate view of the sales pipeline. Project Managers are equipped with real-time visibility into where they are within a project and when specific items need attention. Departments across all fields have accessibility to the status of their projects.  These increased efficiencies and process optimizations are enabling Triumph to hold true to its vision of making customer service the top priority while providing cutting-edge, reliable solutions across the globe.


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