United Way of Greater Cincinnati

Easing the distribution of Covid-19 Relief Funding to the community


United Way of Greater Cincinnati provides long-term solutions to community members in need alongside fellow local nonprofits. UWGC serves communities in 9 tri-state counties within Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana in their holistic approach. Their solutions focus on quality education, health care, and basic needs that are the building blocks for financial sustainability and economic mobility.

Like most organizations, UWGC found itself in an uphill battle combating and meeting the needs of community members during the outbreak of COVID-19. In September of 2020, UWGC came to Prolocity with an urgent need to distribute, track and manage emergency services to residents to help them safely quarantine. The program was funded by Hamilton County through the CARES Act. They also needed a solution that allowed for quickly importing data from residents accessing COVID-19 testing locations who opted-in to receiving a follow-up call from United Way’s team. At the time, internal resources were spending valuable time keeping up with the manual data tracking of spreadsheets provided by The Health Collaborative and Health Department. This information was used to contact, trace and assist individuals impacted by COVID-19 and distribute any and all needed resources.

Having previously worked with Salesforce, UWGC had the foundation necessary for our team to act quickly and diligently, ensuring that all available funding was allocated to the community as fast as possible. UWGC needed to leave its manual data tracking as the clock was working against them. The assumption was that any additional funding might not be made available or delayed for one reason or another and the current financial resources that were accessible needed to be allocated before the 2020 calendar came to an end.  


Nonprofit Success Pack

Sales Cloud


Case Management

Form Assembly

Prolocity successfully upgraded United Way of Greater Cincinnati to Sales Cloud, including the Nonprofit Success Pack and Case Management. Now, UWGC was able to act as a “concierge service” capable of tracking documentation needed for applicants, connecting them directly with outside organizations, and monitoring their progress along the way. Be it mortgage/rent assistance or food kits, UWGC was meeting the demand with Case Management expanding their use of Salesforce allowing for a greater reach into the community in need.

"Maria Kelley was wonderful at really understanding our business requirements and sharing with us all the ways that Salesforce could solve our issues. She really listened to us. She was so responsive that we could tweak items almost in real-time. This allowed us to build a great product/process and achieve our business objectives. We could not have done it without her!"

- Deirdre Beluan, Chief Strategy Officer, UWGC


Functional System in 1 Month

Increased Service Accessibility

Improved Partner Communication

Increased Distribution Efficiencies

Reduced Internal Admin Time

After working with Prolocity, UWGC was able to track, manage and distribute resources, funded through the CARES Act, to those in the local community impacted by COVID-19 with a fully functioning system in less than a month's time. Using Form Assembly, UWGC would subcontract with community partners to manage the referral process and for the direct cost of the services provided including food kits, health kits, mental health services, and temporary shelter. Working alongside The Salvation Army, Seven Hills Neighborhood Houses, Council on Aging, and Talbert House, to name a few, UWGC distributed 4,477 services to residents between Nov 8th, 2020, and March 20th, 2021. With their new system, they were able to use data and reporting to manage reimbursements to their nonprofit partner organizations based on the services delivered - reducing the administrative burden on UWGC and community partners.

United Way of Greater Cincinnati

Additional information: 
Currently, Prolocity is working on creating a “community” for UWGC’s Project Lift - a public/ private partnership with Hamilton County Job and Family Services and community partners - referred to as Sponsor Agencies. We are revamping an organization build that previously had partners logging into UWGC’s unique Salesforce. We have built a community where individual nonprofits are logging in to see a holistic view of all organizations that are involved and ultimately report on who is getting help, how they’re receiving help, and what stage community members are in regarding receiving help. Case management alongside NPSP is helping to manage family interest forms and enrollment processes in Project Lift so that Sponsor Agencies do not have to email back and forth with an individual on their application status. Instead, the individual is able to submit the application, which automatically creates a case in Salesforce. Sponsor Agencies can email families directly through Salesforce, track the progress of the enrollment, and send required forms to families for their electronic signature. Working with Prolocity and expanding their Salesforce usage has taken UWGC’s mission to the next level allowing for a greater reach into the community in need.


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