Cloud Computing Makes an Impact on the Economy

Recently 23 local companies were recognized for their impact on economic growth with new locations or expansions in the region in 2014. Prolocity Cloud Solutions, a national Salesforce Partner who provides cloud advisory, implementation, and support services to businesses and non-profits, was one of them.

On April 13th, 2015 Prolocity was awarded the Thoroughbred Award from The Northern Kentucky Tri-County Economic Development Corporation (Tri-ED) at a ceremony hosted by Local 12 news anchor Bob Herzog. Prolocity is thankful to Tri-ED for this recognition and proud to be a member of this select group.

According to Tri-ED’s 2014 Annual Report, the 23 companies combined to create 2,087 jobs with a total economic impact of more than $423 million.

Prolocity has helped businesses embrace the trend of Cloud Computing, which has substantially improved during the recession and has made an impact on economic growth in a few key ways:

Cloud Computing Empowers Startups

SaaS solutions such as Salesforce provide entrepreneurs everything they need to launch start-ups, right in the cloud, with hardly any IT costs or upfront investments. Prolocity is a perfect example of this. Since Prolocity’s inception as a start-up, they have been able to utilize the world’s most powerful technologies, such as Salesforce, but at a cost they could afford. Through the years, that technology has grown with them, as the business has grown, enabling incredible flexibility and scalability for the business. Additionally, Cloud Computing is instigating more growth for businesses, which results in creating more jobs.

Cloud Computing Creates New Lines of Business

Good business is about having outstanding relationships between the company and its customers, or between the company and its suppliers. Cloud Computing opens up new lines of business in IT and service delivery, creating new niches that start-up companies can cater to.

With all of this growth in the local economy, Prolocity is dedicated to helping businesses achieve great potential by using technology as the enabler. Prolocity’s cloud consultants deliver strategy, design, implementation, training, and optimization services to ensure that businesses are getting the most out of the technology. Their solutions leverage the world’s #1 cloud platform, Salesforce, to deliver best-in-class solutions and accelerate success!


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