Dashboards Every Sales Team Needs

There is a 360° view that every sales manager dreams of, and until the last decade, was hard to come by. Fortunately, Salesforce puts the big picture in sight with easy-to-use dashboards and reporting. It’s easier than ever to track your metrics and have real-time insights into your everyday business. Here are a few examples of dashboards that every sales leader needs and why they are critical to measuring the success of your business.

Clean Your Room Dashboard:

We all know that if your desk or your room is messy, chances are, your work could be too.  Imagine if you could “Marie Kondo '' your business with an easy-to-read dashboard that would highlight how your sales team keeps their deals current/accurate and process efficiency— all while shining a light on what needs improvement. Create and use this dashboard to instill healthy platform and data management habits with your team.

Daily Pipe Gen Dashboard:

As you can probably guess, this dashboard demonstrates what's in your business's pipeline. You likely don’t want to be that shopper the night before a major holiday trying to find that perfect gift for a loved one…even worse being the sales rep at the end of the month realizing that you don’t have enough business in your pipeline to meet the target.  While this dashboard can’t show you what’s in stock at your local Target, it can help manage your business goals. Use this dashboard to identify issues early and address them before they cause chaos.

AMP Dashboard:

AMP = Activities, Meetings & Pipeline. Thanks to the leaders at Salesforce, they discovered the need to track inputs that go into closed deals. Just like an infinity symbol, you can’t have a healthy pipeline without healthy client relationships and vice versa. It’s indisputable that high-quality activities produce high-quality meetings and healthy pipelines. Measuring these stages leads to closed deals, which is the end goal for any sales team, right?

State of the Union Dashboard:

Every year the President of the United States outlines the plans and intentions for the upcoming year. Politics aside, this comprehensive dashboard is critical no matter what side of the aisle you’re on. Create this dashboard for a visual pulse of what’s going on across your entire organization. Track your KPI’s:  sales rep performance, total closes, open pipelines, and top deals…all in real-time. Get back valuable time that is better used to grow your business!

Created on Sales Cloud, having access to accurate, real-time views of your business is invaluable and allows your team to make better decisions and be more productive.

Need Help?
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