Email Marketing Campaigns With MailChimp For Salesforce

Email marketing campaigns are one of the most useful tools for a growing business to use to reach its target audience. MailChimp is today’s #1 email marketing solution for businesses everywhere. MailChimp helps users customize, monitor, and send out marketing campaigns. By integrating MailChimp with Salesforce, you can communicate with leads from Salesforce, and track all of the important performance metrics associated with your campaign. The MailChimp for Salesforce solution helps to generate new leads and contacts, as well as manage existing, synced contacts, leads, and subscribersMailChimp then allows the user to customize their email campaign with an easy-to-use interface. The user is then presented with the option to send the email now, or at a scheduled date and time. Once your campaign has been sent, MailChimp for Salesforce also has a feature that allows users to keep track of what is being opened/clicked in target marketing campaigns, so the subscribers are narrowed down to the most qualified leads.

MailChimp for Salesforce offers list management to personalize who your campaigns will reach. When MailChimp merges contacts and lists with Salesforce, list reports become clearly organized into a page called Overview. This page gives a quick summary of average subscriber rates, unsubscriber rates, total unsubscribed, and cleaned subscribers. Another report MailChimp display is the Campaign Performance Overview. This page shows the trends that lists have followed with each new campaign that is sent out and viewed by subscribers. This great tool enables the user to see which campaigns were the most successful and how subscribers have fluctuated over time. MailChimp for Salesforce has grown to be the #1 email marketing campaign tool to send personalized email campaigns and will continue to help businesses everywhere reach unimaginable heights.

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