Find Highly Qualified Leads, Faster, With

With, businesses can quickly find highly qualified leads, faster. We all know that one of the most critical success factors in a business is lead generation/qualification. In many cases, it can be the key differentiator that a business needs to gain a competitive advantage.

Recently we decided to improve some of our own internal processes and procedures. At the top of the list, we needed to streamline our lead generation & qualification processes. Since we are a Salesforce partner, the choice was obvious. We may be a bit biased, but we believe that is the best tool on the market for prospecting and targeting new accounts. allows you to find decision-makers faster and access accurate and complete B2B contacts and company profiles. Here are a few of the things that Prolocity has experienced, since moving to

Fresh, Accurate Leads. 

One of the top reasons for CRM failure…yep you guessed it, bad data. Salesforce combines the power of Dunn & Bradstreet’s accurate account data with Jigsaw’s robust functionality & contact information, so you can feel confident that you are working with the most accurate data out there.

Real-time Clean. can deliver insight right into your Salesforce workflow. One of the most powerful features of is the Clean feature. At the top of your lead, account, & contact records in Salesforce, there is a “Clean” button that will check your record for any missing or updated data. Automated data cleansing empowers our reps to sell faster and sell smarter, with the most up-to-date information available.

Accelerated Sales Activity.

Working with data you can trust means less time running around looking for what you need and less chance for human error. helps your sales team to improve productivity & increase win rates. Now you can spend more time selling, and less time searching for your next opportunity.

Prolocity’s cloud consultants deliver strategy, design, implementation, training, and optimization services to ensure that businesses are getting the most out of the technology. Their solutions leverage the world’s #1 cloud platform, Salesforce, to deliver best-in-class solutions and accelerate success!


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