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Salesforce has long supported the missions of non-profit organizations through both its donation and discount programs and the development of packages like Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP), Program Management (PMM), and Case Management. Furthering that commitment, Salesforce introduced a brand new Nonprofit Cloud product earlier this year, built on an all new architecture that brings nonprofits into the same system architecture as its other industry clouds.

What's the difference?

NPSP is a community-driven open source package of enhancements that is designed to make Salesforce work better for nonprofits. You install this package in a standard Salesforce org and then configure it to your needs, taking advantage of custom code to handle things like managing household accounts for donors or clients. Add on packages like PMM and Case Management allow tracking of services delivered or progress against goals set up in case plans.

Nonprofit Cloud rebuilds these functions from the ground up on the same architecture that Salesforce uses for other industries products like Education and Health Cloud. Doing this allowed Salesforce to leverage the same underlying technologies that serve many other industry-specific needs combined what everything they've learned about the needs of nonprofits. Since the initial release of Nonprofit Cloud in the spring of 2023, Salesforce has continued to add new functionality–including Grants Management, Fundraising, and Outcome Management.

Prolocity was proud to work with Georgia Baptist Mission Board to complete the first rollout of a new Nonprofit Cloud org. Tara Cobb and Ryan Rucker lead the implementation and shared some details in a webinar.

Here are some of the features that we're most excited to see become available to nonprofits.


Here are some of the features that we're most excited to see become available to nonprofits.

Three: All the tools in one place

Nonprofit Cloud integrates tools nonprofits need to meet their missions:

  1. Program and Outcome Management: track your constituents, no matter what services you provide, and monitor their progress against defined goals.
  2. Fundraising: the functionality you already know from NPSP is available in Nonprofit Cloud (like gift entry, soft credits, and pledge management), along with new tools for handling major gifts and donors through better interaction tracking for affiliations and major life events
  3. Accounting Subledger Growth Edition–helps translate donation data into a format supported by popular accounting packages like QuickBooks

While it's not included in the standard Nonprofit Cloud package, additional tools are available for Grantmaking that help organizations that take applications for funding manage that process.

Two: OmniStudio arrives for Nonprofits

OmniStudio is a powerful low-to-no code solution that allows you to build highly customized tools to support your organization's specific business processes. Think of screen flows, but with far more flexibility in defining custom actions and user interfaces. OmniStudio also has powerful tools for integrating external data from systems other than Salesforce (for example, an external ERP system). OmniStudio wasn't available in NPSP based orgs–but it's baked into Nonprofit Cloud. There are nearly endless uses; building intake forms and questionnaires for client intake, evaluation forms for impact measurement, or dynamic referral forms.

One: Greater compatibility with other clouds

We have nonprofit clients that are focused on specific program areas, like educational and healthcare organizations. For many of those customers, Salesforce products like Education Cloud or Health Cloud were great fits for their programmatic needs, but the structure of NPSP wasn't readily compatible with the other Salesforce industry solutions. Nonprofit Cloud changes all of that–making it possible to leverage its features for fundraising or program management, while also integrating Health Cloud's patient management for health organizations or Education Cloud's student record management functionality. And as the Industry Solutions portfolio continues to expand, those new offerings should be far easier to integrate.

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