Guide to Understanding Health Cloud

As I’m sure you are aware, the industry, ecosystem, and vertical of health care is vast, grown exponentially, and has opened new markets in the last five years that we didn’t know could even exist. And, since 2020’s COVID outbreak – the need for consistent, accurate information right now is so essential.  Healthcare providers need to adapt to the changing demands and overcome technology obstacles with a CRM that can address clinical and non-clinical activities in one source of truth. With the help of Salesforce, these challenges are being met and easing experiences for both providers and patients.

To begin this digital transformation, existing Salesforce businesses or businesses considering Salesforce will need to answer a few basic questions before deciding between one option of Sales Cloud or Health Cloud.

Does your business require HIPAA protection of data collected when providing services? 

If your answer is YES: then it’s recommended to use Health Cloud, and when organizations are providing clinical care that requires validation from a medical professional – you need Health Cloud.


Does your business offer both B2B and B2C products and services?

If your answer is Yes, both B2B and B2C:  go back and verify if you are required in your B2C business to protect data via HIPAA regulations.  Remember, if HIPAA protection is needed – you need Health Cloud.


Since our business is not regulated to follow HIPAA rules, can my HLS business thrive and scale with Service Cloud?

Yes, you can have robust business operations and a complete 360 patient/consumer experience with only Service Cloud.


Additionally, as much as your organization wants or needs a Service Cloud or Health Cloud and as much as your organization needs to manage the experiences both internally (B2B), or to customers, (B2C) it’s best to make dedicated time to understand those needs.  

Take a look at the comparison

Need Help?

At Prolocity we have fun and take pride in advising our customers into a Sales Cloud or Health Cloud journey that benefits all!  We can help navigate through the overwhelming possibilities of Service Cloud and Health Cloud – removing barriers, removing inefficiencies,  and moving towards clarity and accuracy when you need it most:  NOW!



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