In The Clouds about Cloud Computing?

Are you still in the clouds when it comes to Cloud Computing? Don’t worry you’re not the only one. I know when I first heard about Cloud Computing I had a difficult time understanding how it worked. Either no one could explain it like I was a child or I was too scared of it to really grasp how technology was advancing so quickly. Shoot, my third-grade nephew could probably explain it to us easier than anyone! So let me give it a try if you are still scratching your head on how this whole thing works.

Back many years ago in order to run your computer with any type of software, such as a video game, quick books, an appointment booking program for your business, you needed a disk with this program on it. You loaded the disk in your system and voila you could work or play. All of your progress was stored in your computer (hard drive). You had to access your hard drive to pick up where you left off.  But how frustrating was it if you ran out of memory, space and the computer crashed? Now imagine you are a business, trying to allow customers to access your website, book appointments online, or have many employees working on the same software and same computer network. You need to make sure your main computer (server) was up to speed and able to talk to every single person all at once.  Too much chatter in one room is awful and would make anyone scream, so imagine your poor little server and how it feels when it can’t take all the chatter anymore.  It crashes and shuts down. With the cloud, you don’t have to worry about all that. All of your information (data) is sent to a remote server (the cloud). No need to worry about dealing with any computer crashes. The cloud is so powerful it can handle all the chatter.  It even encourages the challenge! As long as you have internet service you can easily access all of your data from a smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop.

I’m sure you’re next question is how safe can the Cloud truly be with all my private information floating around.  Before you had total control of the safety of your data but you had to make sure you were protected from hackers.  The companies keep all this data securely encrypted and under heavy lock and key so to say.  Even their employees can’t access your data.  Remember the server I was telling you about?  These companies have invested in backup servers and usually on multiple continents.  So if anything tragic happens at any place in the world they have you covered.  Covered from earthquake shocks, physical security, you name it, you are protected by your cloud.

Many people don’t realize that they are even using Cloud Computing technology.  Do you use Gmail, Facebook, Netflix, to name a few? And I mean FEW! Look at you! You are using the cloud already!  I hope I was able to explain it to you a little better.  If not, check out the videos below from HighTechDad and

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