Integrate Gmail to Salesforce

Have you ever opened your Gmail and wondered if the person you were interacting with is in your Salesforce Database?

How about working in LinkedIn with a contact and wondering if they have been added as a lead or contact in Salesforce? Let me tell you about this fantastic Salesforce App called Ebsta!

Ebsta integrates Gmail, LinkedIn, Google Calendar, and more, with Salesforce.

When you open your Gmail, click on the Ebsta icon and it does a cross-reference check to see if that contact record exists in Salesforce. An icon even tells you if they are already a lead or a contact. If it doesn’t exist, don’t panic about having to switch between systems, it can be added directly to Salesforce with a simple click of a button. You can even tell Ebsta if you want it related to Accounts, Opportunities, and even Custom Objects. You can also edit and update records, manage tasks, track email opens, use Salesforce email templates and have the ability to add email attachments.

Ebsta not only visualizes Salesforce data in Gmail, it also opens up LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and other websites right from your email. It quickly cross-references these sites with Salesforce without ever leaving them. As you are viewing profiles you can simply add them as a lead or contact with a quick click. Imagine all the new records you can add without all the hard work!

Another great perk is the Google Calendar and Salesforce Calendar Sync. Ebsta understands the importance of calendars and simple workflows so with just a couple of clicks you can successfully sync and merge Events from Salesforce to Gmail (and vice-versa) that have been edited or deleted.

I know this all seems so simple and too good to be true, but trust me when I tell you it’s for REAL! According to the Salesforce AppExchange, Ebsta is currently holding a 4.5 star rating out of 5. Customers are happy with the solution and so am I! So call me at Prolocity if you are interested in learning more about this App or other great Salesforce AppExchange ideas for your environment.

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