Is Your Business Utilizing the Top 4 Cloud Computing Trends For 2015?

The time is now to stay ahead of the cloud computing curve. Technology is always changing and it is important to be tuned in to the latest and greatest trends. The top 4 Cloud Computing trends for 2015 are Mobile, Integrations, Analytics, and Big Data.  With these tools, you can run your business on the go and no longer be forced to work behind your desk in the office.


Businesses are finding themselves away from the desk more often and are needing to run their company on the go. It is all about improving productivity, which means being able to stay on top of things from anywhere, anytime. For example, has created their Salesforce1 mobile app that allows users to manage leads, contacts, accounts, opportunities as well as have access to data from external sources directly from your phone. Cloud Computing allows you to pick up right where you left off, on any internet-enabled device.


With the emergence of cloud computing integrating software is easier than ever. Rather than operating multiple pieces of software in separate silos, you can now integrate them into one seamless solution, making work more productive and efficient than ever. With the use of robust API’s, cloud-based platforms who embrace open communication will flourish, and those who build walls around their solution will not be able to survive. (#1 CRM solution on the planet), for example, embraces integration through their development platform, AppExchange Marketplace, and their open API structure.


So you spent a bunch of money on a new whizz-bang solution and you are putting all of this fantastic data into it, but what is the point if you don’t have visibility into key business metrics and data analytics?

Data analytics are essential to running your business. This trend may be the most powerful of them all, because we are finally able to easily see how our data is working for us. recently released Salesforce Analytic Cloud powered by Wave. In March three new features will be added: Wave Mobile Connector, Wave Mobile Dashboard Designer, and Wave Links. These new features help users import a raw data file and transform it into interactive visualizations that can be explored instantly, create analytic dashboards using any data source, and embed links into any Salesforce record or custom object that takes them to a specific visualization. All of this can be done directly on your phone or tablet at your convenience.

Big Data

Cloud technology now allows you to take data analytics to a whole new level. It allows you to put forth action with the data you have collected. The promise of big data is still not fully fulfilled but is surely a trend in cloud-computing that will continue to grow. The key is to capture data at a granular level to allow for faster decision-making. Analytics gives you visibility into the data. Big Data gives you predictable analytics that will allow you to take action. This tool will enable more efficient business processes and fine-tune the way that we make key business decisions.

The Top 4 Cloud Computing trends will be a big factor in your business to run effectively and efficiently and stay ahead of the game. Prolocity provides cloud advisory and technology services to businesses and non-profits. Our cloud consultants deliver strategy, design, implementation, training, and optimization services.

Prolocity is a national Salesforce Partner providing cloud advisory, implementation, and support services to businesses and non-profits. Our cloud consultants deliver strategy, design, development, implementation, training, and optimization



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