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Salesforce Sales Account Executive

The Salesforce Sales Account Executive drives revenue growth by developing and executing a sales strategy, building and maintaining relationships, and identifying new business opportunities. They are also responsible for managing risk to the sales pipeline and opportunities and managing the sales process from start to finish. The successful candidate will excel at building relationships, possess a deep knowledge of Prolocity’s products and services, and demonstrate strong leadership qualities.



PRIORITY #1: Sales Execution + Opportunity Management

  • Meet or exceed your monthly, quarterly, and annual sales goals.
  • Collaborate and Co-sell with Salesforce Account Executives on multi-cloud project engagements.
  • Commit to weekly business development activities to foster new potential client relationships.
  • Deliver presentations, demonstrations, and proposals to prospective clients.
  • Understand customer needs and collaborate with internal teams to ensure product offerings align

PRIORITY #2: Partnership Development

  • Actively engage with Salesforce Alliance Managers, Sales Executives, Sales RVPs, and AEs through regular meetings, calls, and collaborative activities.
  • Attend Salesforce events, webinars, and forums to connect with key stakeholders and industry leaders and develop and nurture relationships.
  • Coordinate joint strategy sessions and planning meetings to identify and pursue co-selling opportunities.
  • Provide consistent updates and feedback to partners on mutual goals, performance metrics, and potential areas for collaboration.
  • Foster trust and collaboration by promptly addressing concerns, sharing insights, and demonstrating the value of partnerships in achieving broader business objectives.

PRIORITY #3: Collaboration + Strategy

  • Facilitate regular team meetings and brainstorming sessions to encourage idea-sharing and strategic planning.
  • Engage in one-on-one check-ins with peers, subordinates, and superiors to provide support, gather feedback, and align on goals.
  • Collaborate on sales strategies by contributing insights, sharing best practices, and coordinating efforts to ensure cohesive execution.
  • Foster open communication channels, ensuring transparency and alignment across all sales team levels.
  • Participate in cross-functional projects and initiatives, leveraging diverse perspectives to drive innovation and achieve common objectives.

PRIORITY #4: Prolocity’s People | Team Mentorship

  • Lead by example in team meetings, demonstrating strategic thinking and effective problem-solving while encouraging junior team members to contribute their ideas.
  • Mentor junior colleagues through regular coaching sessions, sharing expertise, and providing constructive feedback to help them develop their skills.
  • Take the initiative in cross-functional collaboration, showcasing the importance of teamwork and aligning efforts with company goals to inspire and guide less experienced team members.


  • Credentials: Bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience.
  • General Sales Experience: 5+ yrs
  • Salesforce | Solution Sales Experience: 5+ yrs
  • Professional Experience: 8+ yrs
  • Client Focus & Collaboration: Proven ability to ensure seamless transitions from sales to delivery and foster effective client and partner collaboration.
  • Technical & Consultative Expertise: Advanced Salesforce knowledge, persuasive demonstrations, clear documentation, and effective mentoring.
  • Opportunity Management: Efficiently manage meetings, document tasks, create business plans, and support team members while maintaining Salesforce relationships. Strong understanding of Prolocity’s services and market dynamics. Self-motivated and able to effectively drive the sales process.
  • Negotiation: Navigate objections, manage budget/scope/timeline discussions, and coach team members in negotiation strategies.
  • Risk Management: Identify and mitigate deal risks, communicate risks effectively, and guide the sales team on risk management.
  • Effective Communication: Demonstrate active listening, clear communication, strategic messaging, and leadership in client interactions, including C-Suite stakeholders. Strong executive presence with a track record of earning trust from C-Suite Executives.

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