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Bryn Gormley

Bryn has a diverse professional background including roles managing Operations, Sales, and Production. In 2018 he began configuring CRM platforms and has worked full time in Salesforce for 3 years.



Bryn has a deep commitment to process and works to create declarative solutions to make Salesforce environments functional and intuitive for their users. Getting to the heart of a client’s need and understanding how it fits into the larger structure are strengths that bring value to his clients.


Bryn is passionate about improving people’s lives at work. While configuring CRM software for multiple companies, he noticed the impact of this work went beyond the expected efficiency improvements. Easy access to the right information resulted in a boost to the performance and well-being to many employees across departments. This early insight makes working with Salesforce clients very rewarding.

Fun Fact

Out of college Bryn opened and managed a contemporary art gallery in Brooklyn, NY. 35+ shows were held, featuring over 150 artists during it’s 5-year run. Bryn currently makes his own abstract artworks, vinyl collages and paintings, and is part of the artist community in Austin, TX.