Colin Rosenhagen

Colin has been working in the Saas field for over 5 years helping companies navigate the best options for themselves. He’s played for some larger players such as Oracle and NetSuite in the past, and more recently decided to join the services side of the business as a Salesforce partner at Prolocity.

Colin has a strong background in both CRM and full ERP systems. Seeing many different “ways of life” for organizations, he has a well-rounded perspective and an open mind when working with an organization.

Passionate about the commercial side of the business for most of his career, Colin has a new found love for helping nonprofit organizations reach their full potential. The driver to his success is making sure no single individual feels like technology is too hard for them to grasp or difficult to understand. With the right guidance and tools in place, a platform as powerful as Salesforce is exceptionally user friendly for each and every individual.

Fun Fact
Colin can do more than teach you about technology. Much of his spare time goes towards real estate projects, bringing the old and broken back to life. Above all else and like most parents, he takes advantage of each and every second he can to spend time with his baby daughter – including plans to make her the youngest golf pro on the books!