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Craig Propst, CFO

Craig Propst

As Prolocity’s Chief Financial Officer, Craig leverages more than 20 years of experience in financial positions for global technology companies. He is passionate about growing and developing finance teams, making finance a more effective business partner to sales, operations, delivery, and HR, and improving profitability and working capital.

Prior to joining Prolocity in 2023, Craig served for a decade as Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer of a technology services firm based in Greater Cincinnati. He instituted a formal budgeting process and improved financial planning and analysis and treasury operations, helping drive a significant increase in company profitability and two successful sales to new owners.

Craig is passionate about increasing the skills and capabilities of finance team members, thereby improving financial support to other business departments. His decade of service as an Air Force intelligence analyst taught him to focus on discerning actionable information and patterns out of reams and reams of data. This is also a useful skill in finance!

Fun Fact
Craig and his family are avid international travelers. Craig once had the emergency oxygen airbags drop during an international flight…..The bag did not inflate, but oxygen flowed so all was good….