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Dan Wolff

Dan Wolff

Dan has spent the last 17 years building, customizing, and optimizing databases in a variety of roles in nonprofits, marketing, and sales. He recently pivoted his career to Salesforce consulting, and he loves leveraging the platform in ways that help people and organizations focus on what’s most important.


Dan has a deep understanding of the nonprofit space, having spent most of his career working for nonprofits. He’s all about optimizing and making processes more efficient, so he has a lot of experience building custom flows to automate critical business processes. His wife says it best, “Dan, you’re always optimizing!”


For Dan, this work has always been about people. He loves building authentic relationships with his co-workers and clients, and drawing on the strength of those relationships to conquer just about any challenge that presents itself.

Fun Fact

Dan’s a homebody who loves spending time with his wife Katie and his five kids. They watch movies and shows together, play video games and board games, curate Spotify playlists, go on walks and hikes, and inevitably talk potty humor at the dinner table.