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Gina Lasita

Gina previously worked with Prolocity 10 years ago as the first consultant ever hired. It was Gina’s first exposure to Salesforce and she jumped right in to figure out the job. She took a career turn after 5 years to pursue being a Salesforce Administrator. She worked as a Senior Admin for almost 5 years until the pull to get back into the consulting world was too much to ignore. She is happily back with Prolocity again in a Solution Engineer role that is letting her stretch and learn new skills.

Gina specializes in creating relationships with clients that facilitate an easy working relationship. Her past experiences in customer service have helped her develop crucial people skills that come in handy in the field of technology.

She is passionate about solving problems and helping companies be more efficient. Learning new things and passing that on to others brings Gina immense joy. She is constantly seeking ways to push herself out of her comfort zone to grow and expand her abilities.

Fun Fact
Gina recently discovered a new love for bourbon/whiskey and is on a mission to find her all-time favorite. For now, coffee whiskey is currently in the lead…