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Greg Akinbiyi

Greg Akinbiyi

Greg has over seven years of experience within the Salesforce ecosystem, including five years as a consultant at Coastal Cloud, Pathos Ethos, Arkus, and as a Solopreneur CRM Strategist. At Prolocity, he works as a project manager, collaborating with other project team members to optimize technology utilization, manage timelines, and exceed client expectations.

Greg specializes in helping nonprofits maximize their investments in Salesforce by working closely with diverse stakeholders to align deliverables with tangible benefits. He excels at breaking down complex problems and transforming them into tractable solutions through collaboration with others. Greg thrives on continuous learning and constantly seeks new ways to improve.

Greg is driven by a passion for excelling in his roles in all aspects of life. He finds fulfillment in solving complex problems with simple solutions and is constantly learning new skills. Helping others surpass their expectations and creating lasting generational assets for his family inspires him. Greg values strong and enduring relationships, considering them invaluable.

Fun Fact
Greg road-tripped from Miami to California with his brother, stopping to hike Plateau Point along the South Rim of The Grand Canyon National Park!