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Jay Mehta, PROserve Essential Lead

Jay Mehta

Jay is a Consultant with Prolocity and has over a decade of non-profit experience, coming from an organization that works to improve the effectiveness and capacity of international humanitarian and development NGOs. He has been a Salesforce administrator for eight years and lives with his wife in Mobile, Alabama.


Jay has been a Salesforce administrator and worked to integrate the platform with external systems using native, low-code, and API-driven code implementations.


Jay loves digging into the needs of an organization and then explaining technology in ways that people can understand and identify with, making it easier to see the possibilities to improve how they do things and help nonprofits increase their impact.

Fun Fact

Jay has a collection of more baseball bobbleheads than he’s willing to count–primarily of his favorite teams, the Giants and Nationals, and his wife’s beloved Yankees.