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Director of People + Culture Jill Kohrs

Jill Kohrs

Jill is putting her passion for problem-solving, strategic planning, and delighting customers into play with top-notch service as Prolocity’s Director People First and Culture

She has gained experience by working within her own small business, as a consultant, and through managing large corporate projects. At Prolocity for the past 5 years, she has become an expert in internal process planning and strategy to ensure partners and clients have a high level of satisfaction.

Jill is driven to enable both work-life and client/partner satisfaction.  She is passionate about supporting internal and external operations with a 360-degree view of the business.

Fun Fact
When she isn’t solving and managing the world’s problems, she enjoys spending time with her family (including her 3 pups), traveling/backpacking, and gourmet cooking. Someday Jill hopes to be on Top Chef Amateurs