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Jim Milne, Salesforce Consultant

Jim Milne

Jim embarked on his Salesforce career at a small nonprofit in Portland, Oregon, in 2017. Over the years, he has devoted his expertise to assisting numerous nonprofits in enhancing their Salesforce instances to extract maximum value from their data. Jim played a pivotal role in guiding the Portland Salesforce Nonprofit User’s group. His decision to become a consultant stemmed from his genuine passion for empowering teams to unlock the full potential of the Salesforce platform for their respective organizations.


Jim has extensive experience in troubleshooting, digging into what doesn’t seem to be functioning as expected, figuring out why, and fixing it so that it (whatever it may be) and start giving the results needed.


He is passionate about helping others spend less time on data entry and more time seeing the results of their organization’s mission.

Fun Fact

As an avid Pool Player, Jim spends a couple of days a week playing on teams in Florida. He is also into classic cars and invests some extra free time wrenching on them for himself (He rarely lets anyone else work on his car!).