Josie England

Josie has been with Prolocity’s Business Development Team since 2019. Josie comes from the manufacturing industry where she held Training and Marketing Leader roles engaging and training clients on product functionality, uses, and advantages.

She is a self-proclaimed expert in taking a consultative approach with each client engagement. Specializing in the nonprofit space, she prides herself in building long-lasting engagements with clients and consistently uses an upfront, transparent approach to every conversation. She is relationship-focused and enjoys regularly engaging with clients all over the world.

Josie is most passionate about working with clients who are truly in need of an expert to help guide the way. She enjoys being the go-to person for her clients and continuing those relationships long after the initial engagement is complete.

Fun Fact
Josie is an empty-nester so she and her husband enjoy traveling whenever possible, often selecting their next trip by closing their eyes and pointing to a map!