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KellyAnn Duckworth

KellyAnn Duckworth

As the Director of Enterprise Solutions at Prolocity, KellyAnn brings over 13 years of consulting and consultative sales experience, supporting a broad spectrum of nonprofits in harnessing technology to amplify their impact in the communities they serve.


KellyAnn demonstrates exceptional skill in cultivating meaningful client connections, diving deep into organizational intricacies to thoroughly understand clients’ needs. She excels in establishing herself as a trusted advisor and advocate, adept at identifying opportunities for improvement and guiding nonprofits toward impactful change. With a proven track record of selling Salesforce services, KellyAnn is an invaluable addition to our leadership team and will play a crucial role in driving our sales initiatives and expanding our market presence.


KellyAnn’s passion for connecting with people on a human level, alongside her dedication to problem-solving efficiency, drives collective success for both internal and external stakeholders.

Fun Fact

When she is not attending her children’s activities, KellyAnn likes to escape to her camper in the woods to read and enjoy the symphony of birds and rustling leaves.