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Krystal Hicks

Krystal Hicks

Krystal has been in consultative sales for a digital marketing and web content management platform for Higher Education for 6 years before working with a Salesforce partner serving Financial institutions.

Krystal has helped many institutions in her career by improving their digital presence and customer experiences by matching their problems with solutions through consultative selling.


She enjoys understanding prospects’ requirements and matching them with unique solutions while becoming a trusted subject matter expert and advocate. Krystal is passionate about showcasing solutions to clients and experiencing that “wow” moment when they realize they are in good hands.

Fun Fact

In the summer Krystal teaches a Pilates Mat Class on Stand-Up Paddleboards! Alongside her husband, Krystal owns a small paddle-sport rental business in the Hudson Valley (NY), where they are both from. She is also in the process of earning her Pilates Certification!