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Marlien Rendon

Marlien Rendon has 20+ years of experience in Health & Life Sciences. Leading Prolocity’s HLS initiatives, she enjoys solving complex issues in health care so that health care professionals can care for patients better!

Marlien provides both advisory and consulting with creative and effective solutions. Her experiences span not only with Providers & Payers, but with  Medical Devices, Pharmacy, PBM, Life Sciences, and Speciality Care such as Oncology. Providing solutions for complex digital transformations is Marlien’s forte.

She is passionate about discovering how to care for patients more effectively.

Fun Fact
Marlien is of Chinese descent, was born in Vietnam, and raised in Texas. Spanish is her 2nd language, and she can whip up some show-stopping Tex-Mex food! Her knack for organizing and being close to her children and their involvement in baseball is very important to Marliene!